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Author: Canadian Diva
One of the most popular places for Breakfast at Walt Disney World is the Kona Café at the Polynesian Resort. Their infamous Tonga Toast is what has Foodies raving about it on all the Disney food forums. Although the Disney Diva thought the Tonga Toast was good, but not as impressed as how iconic this food item has become, she has a wonderful article here about her whole breakfast experience at the Kona Café.
The Kona Café in the Polynesian Resort, is often overlooked for dinner, as the very popular all you can eat ‘Ohana, satisfies the very carnivores crowd. And just downstairs, the extremely entertaining Spirit of the Aloha, has visitors flocking to see this show that the Budget Diva says, is the best show at WDW.
Kona Café is located on the second floor of the “Poly”. It is an ultra modern, open concept restaurant. It’s extremely lively, but can get very noisy from within and outside since the lobby of the “Poly” is very busy.
The Canadian Diva family LOVED  Kona Café.  We really enjoyed sitting, eating, laughing and talking about all the fun parts of our trip even within the busy atmosphere. Our server, Mauricio was FANTASTIC! He was extremely personable, listening to what we like and making great suggestions. He is an example of the GREAT SERVICE you expect at Walt Disney World.
Now let’s talk about the MEAL!
We were asked about our drinks first. Being on the Disney Dining Plan*, all sodas are included, and you would need to inquire whether certain specialty drinks are also included with your plan. At the time we went, I was able to order a Smoothie as my “drink” on the plan, so I ordered the Berry Smoothie. It was so fresh and delicious. My daughter, had the kid’s meal which comes with a drink and my husband ordered soda.
The meal started off with warm bread and Kona’s famous macadamian nut butter. Since we were on the Disney Dining Plan, our plan did not include appetizers for Adults (ages 10 and older). The meals are so filling for us that we never needed to have an appetizer on the meal plan. Although I would have loved to try the famous Pot-stickers, we just stuck to the Entrees.
If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, ALWAYS check with your server what drinks and food are in your plan.
My husband is a total steak person. So he had to try the Teriyaki Style New York Strip Streak. It was cooked to perfection and my husband really enjoyed it. (I had a piece and it was delicious)
I had a more difficult time trying to decide what to order. Our server Mauricio, asked me a lot of questions and then suggested the  Togarashi Spiced Ahi Tuna.
I was so glad he did because it was AMAZING. The tuna was seared to perfection!! I usually order seared Tuna and some restaurants get it right and some make it too overcooked around the edges or the Tuna is too rubbery. Kona Café seared it so well, with the right amount of “cooked’ texture, lightly blanketing the almost raw yet not rubbery pink flesh in the middle which was thoroughly consistent. The red wine reduction sauce was a surprisingly nice complement to the palate of the tuna. The tempura fried vegetable maki roll was delicious as well. I was so full that my husband had the other whole half.  Note: this dish is a little on the spicy side. I love spicy food however someone who may not be used to spice may find this unappealing.
My daughter, being the “particular” eater that she is, ordered the Disney Kids’ staple, the Mickey Ravioli which is always pretty good. She also had the chicken noodle soup (which she usually likes at other places) but did not fancy Kona Cafe’s version.
I wish we had taken photos of our desserts (which comes with the Disney Dining Plan we were on)
My husband ordered the Pineapple Upside Down Cake, which was divine! I wanted to eat all of it! I had the Kona Kone which is basically just a very large sundae on a waffle bowl. I was not too impressed with it however the Vanilla Ice Cream was wonderful with little flecks of vanilla bean inside.
With my daughter’s Kids’ meal plan, she ordered the Ice Cream Sundae. She loved it. Similar to Buffets at the various Walt Disney World restaurants, her dessert came with Ice Cream, and then toppings on the side which she can create and make to her liking. This was fun and enjoyable for her.
We will definitely eat at the Kona Café again! There are talks of this restaurant opening a Sushi Bar. Well if their Seared Tuna and very well made Maki Roll is any indication of how they can do Contemporary Japanese/Asian-Fusion Meals, I think Kona Café will do it very well!!
You do need to made a reservation for Kona Café however since it is not as popular as ‘Ohana, you may be able to call on the day for a reservation or walk up to see if they have any tables (depending if you are at WDW during peak season or not).
Try Kona Café and if you get Maurizio as your server, tell him the Tips from the Disney Diva sent you!!
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