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For years I’ve heard people sing the praises of “Tonga Toast”… it was, literally, supposed to be better than sliced bread. I was stoked to finally be able to take the time on our last trip to enjoy the meal with Diva husband. 
The Kona Cafe is in the Polynesian Resort. If you’re not staying “the poly” (as we awesome disney snobs like to say) then you’ll have to either drive your car there and park OR if you’re on Disney property you can just take a bus to Magic Kingdom and instead of boarding the monorail on to the park at the Transportation Center just walk to your left to the Polynesian. The cafe is on the second floor.
I personally would recommend making advanced dining reservations. Because so many people stay at the Polynesian, and Kona is easier to “pop over” to than O’hana is, its usually quite full.
On your way in be sure to take in the beauty of the Polynesian. It is truly magnificent.
The cafe is on the second floor so you’ll just need to head up the steps to enjoy.

Like all dining reservations, you need to check in about 15 minutes early and your host/ hostess will seat you.

The menu is somewhat limited, because, well lets be honest, everyone is really there for the Tonga Toast and some coffee anyway. You can click on the photograph to enlarge. Prices ranged from 9.99 – 14.99 for the Tonga Toast everyone wants, to

and here’s a sideways view of the sides, just to give you a little variety in your reading. (no, I can’t figure out how to flip it).
After you place your breakfast order they bring over the coffee and some of the tastiest orange juice you could imagine, and if you wanted something else like chocolate milk or something they can bring that. They also go ahead and bring some syrup, strawberry compote, butter, and ketchup (for homefries I HOPE) just to get you REALLY excited about eating.

While I waited I went over to the kitchen which is open and allows you to watch the chefs cook. There’s also a really cool sculpture of Lilo and Stitch.

FINALLY it arrived… TONGA TOAST! Tonga toast is banana stuffed sourdough french toast rolled in cinnamon sugar.  You would think it would be insanely sweet, but it surprisingly wasn’t. Once I added the strawberry compote and syrup, however, it sweetened right up. I thought it was good, but not worth quite the amount of attention it normally gets.
Hubby went for the Big Kahuna Breakfast, which has French Toast, Pancakes with pineapple sauce and Macadamia Nut Butter (yum). Eggs and home fried potatoes as well as a small amount of bacon, ham and sausage.

He said everything was delicious as well.

I really enjoyed the Kona Cafe, and of course loving being able to brag with the other Disney nerds about enjoying Tonga Toast. I would definitely go back again. Its not a quiet breakfast as its out in the open and buzzing with activity all around, but it was a filling breakfast and for french toast lovers everywhere it is not to be missed!

Kona is not a part of the disney dining plan according to the current WDW site. The restuant is open for  breakfast, lunch, and dinner.