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Author: Disney Diva

Oooh la la! Chefs de France, found in the French Pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World is a frequent dining choice for the Disney Diva Family.

Since adding Chef Remy, from the Disney Pixar film, to the restaurant there’s something for children, and children at heart alike, so I believe you’ll find it to be delicious find dining and a fun experience at the same time.

I HIGHLY recommend a reservation be made prior to going, but occasionally if its not too busy you can get a walk-in reservation.

If you are on a Disney Dining Plan Les Chefs de France is worth one table credit for both adults and children. If you’re paying cash you’ll expect to spend between $15-$60 dollars per person depending on what you order.

The Atmosphere
Les Chefs De France is just one of the three primary landmarks of the French Pavilion. Sure, there’s the Eiffel tower, which you can’t technically get to but can see from far away. Then there’s the beautiful fountain where you can throw in a coin and make a wish. However the restaurant, with its beautiful arched windows, posh table settings, and breathtaking French waiters and waitresses that make you understand what makes France so beautiful, takes the cake in my opinion.

Les Chefs De France is formal without feeling stuffy. I didn’t feel uncomfortable bringing my children in at lunch, but perhaps might a bit more so at dinner.

The Food
While anyone who has ever been to Chefs De France will tell you that the waiters and waitresses are really what you’re most likely to find yourselves drooling over, the food is certainly nothing to sneeze at. I personally recommend that you go for for lunch that you choose the Prix Fixe 3 course meal option (approx 24.00 lunch/ $40 for dinner) that allows you to pick a salad or soup, a toasted ham/cheese sandwich, Quiche Lorraine, or gratin de macaroni as your main course, and your choice of dessert, as it will allow you to try many of the best things on the French menu (in my opinion). They also have the Prix Fixe for Dinner where your entrée options expand to Beef Short Ribs, Roasted Chicken, Broiled Salmon or Baked Macaroni. For dessert? Choose from Crème Brule, Chocolate puff with ice cream, or chocolate mousse cake.

Diva husband and I have become Disney cheese plate connoisseurs and while the cheese plate at California Grille remains my absolute favorite, the French plate is good as well and I would recommend it. They also have escargots and French pates if you’re feeling adventurous.

The next course, as the French require, involves Soups and Salads. Diva husband raved over the Bisque de homard (Lobster bisque) and I thought the Salade de chevre chaud which has goat cheese, walnuts, grapes, tomatoes, and fresh greens was good as well. Not great, but good.

Now we move on to the Entrée. You can find the complete menu at THE most accurate resource for Disney menus, right here if you’d like to explore. Diva husband and I devour the Gratin de macaroni which is baked macaroni with cream and gruyere cheese every time we go now, but have also enjoyed many of the other menu items. Holy cow the macaroni and “cheese” is good though! You, and your children, will find it tres jolie (very nice).

There is a children’s lunch and dinner menu which you can find here. My children, however, usually opt to share a Gratin de macaroni like mom and dad since we simply rave over it. If your kids like chicken strips, hamburgers (done a little differently), french fries, or flounder you’ll survive just fine at Chefs. 

And of course the French desserts, are…délicieux (delicious). I mean, this is what the French DO! Well that and kiss. I’ve never found one that I didn’t find amazing. And, of course, don’t forget that you could book a reservation and just enjoy dessert if you wanted to (but not if you’re using the dining plan it would be a huge waste).

The wine list is, as you can imagine, lengthy and delicious. Since I absolutely am TERRIBLE at wine (I blame it on still being young and immature which I am clinging to) I’ll let you decide if its good or not. But considering its French wine I’m just going to bet its going to rock.

Character Experience
Don’t think you want a rat at your fine dining meal? Oh dear, you are so so wrong.

The animatronic Remi is an absolute marvel.

Remi makes the rounds four times a day at Les Chefs. He, and his escort, are there at 12:30, 1:40, 2:50 and 5:20. He moves from one table to the next to greet each guest and have a little conversation. He squeaks in response to you instead of talking, but the movements are so quick and so life-like you will not believe it’s a tiny robot or that the host is moving him. Your children will be enthralled.

I DO suggest if you’re going to bring them to eat here though that you WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE YOU GO or else it will not make any sense to you at all. IF you really want to meet Remi just make sure you’re within 10-20 minutes of his “appearance”. You’re likely going to meet him if you’re there during lunch though regardless of what time you get there.

The Verdict
So I really do like Les Chefs De France. I think it’s a beautiful atmosphere, feels very much like you really ARE in a different country while you dine, has “safe” food options even for the non-adventurous eater, great options for the kids, romantic atmosphere at night and a cool and very different character experience. If you’re “booked” for Epcot one day and find you’ll still be there for lunch I do recommend Chefs, regardless of whether you have children in tow or not.

Bon Appetite!