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By British Diva

While you are a-wandering those well worn pilgrim’s paths in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom Park keep your eyes and ears peeled and you might just be lucky enough to say ‘Howdy partners‘ to 
The Notorious Banjo Brothers….and Bob 

who are a musical comedy trio that randomly appear each morning and afternoon for several 20 minute toe tapping, thigh slapping, banjo plucking euphonious extravaganzas! 

The Notorious Banjo Brothers….and Bob….plus one! 

Much to their delight British Diva’s family stumbled upon NBB&B……and Brit-teen Diva became their muse….causing great amusement!  

The brothers & Bob cracked silly jokes, mostly at our families expense & preceded to regale us & the gathering crowd with a whole repertoire of British themed tunes; our favourite was ‘Rule Britannia’. 

All requests are gladly received by Bob & co…..they will perform for you a spirited & stomping mixture of country & bluegrass on just a banjo, tuba & resonator guitar.  

Discovering a hidden talent! 

Don’t miss them…….catch them if you can……perhaps by using a lasso!