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by Cruisin’ Diva

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After much anticipation, and reading other Diva’s reviews about Be Our Guest, we finally scored our reservations. I’ll go ahead and warn you, the food was great, the experience….not so much.

It all started from when we booked our reservations as soon as they opened. We had a party of 11 and I immediately booked that day. I could only score a reservation of 8 under my reservation and my mother was able to score a reservation of three. Immediately after booking, my mother called dining and told her our situation. They informed us not to worry, to just tell the cast members when we checked in and they would be able to merge our reservations together. We took their word for it and went about making other plans and reservations.

The day finally arrived!! We have been waiting so long and had only heard good things about the restaurant and the experience as a whole. We were all excited to be able to experience it ourselves. We walked up to the check-in kiosk and told them our situation and from there, it went downhill. Not only were they not able to accommodate us as one party, but they couldn’t even promise we would be in the same room. We were upset and heartbroken. This was an extended family vacation that we had planned for well over a year, my brother’s birthday was this day, and we just wanted to eat as a family. After we explained to the cast members that dining had told us they would accommodate us, they immediately got on the phone with the manager. All-in-all, we still weren’t seated all together but we were in the same room and close in proximity, so all was not lost. We ended up being in the rose room, which was a little disappointing, but was still beautiful.

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My husband and I had looked at the menu beforehand to make sure we knew what we were getting (another article to come on eating healthy at Disney). He was getting Ratatouille and I was undecided between that and the chicken. Most of our party was seated at a round table, including me and my family and my brother and his family. My father and mother took the baby and were seated directly behind us at their table.

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Everything was going okay (though it was a little chilly in the restaurant), until an entire glass of Sprite was dumped into my lap and glass shattered everywhere. I was sitting next to my Sister-In-Law and she was cut by the glass and I was drenched. Before this incident, I had already asked for some warm water for the baby…it was feeding time. As much as I’m glad that the cast member’s tended to my SIL and made sure she was okay, and I admit that she also had to fill out an incident report, I was disappointed that I never received any towels after asking for them repeatedly. I was sticky and really cold by this point. I also had to go into the cast member area to get the water that my baby needed so badly. I was assured by the manager, that she would get it for me. The entire process took about ten to fifteen minutes, as we were moved to two more table and separated even more before the water finally came.

Let me point out that the other half of the rose room was completely empty. We were completely astonished to the fact of how hard it is to get a reservation and half of one room is empty. Tables are set as if people are coming and no one is ever seated. This also led to the questions that were never answered…why weren’t we able to sit together as a family?? We had 8:00 pm reservations, which was not late at all in Disney.

We then were finally able to order our food. I enjoyed the chicken quite thoroughly and my husband’s Ratatouille was good, but the grey stuff….it’s delicious, I didn’t even have to ask the dishes!!

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As for the experience overall, we were very disappointed. Will we go back? I’m not sure. I always want to give second chances, but we will just have to see whenever the next trip is planned. I will say, the food is good and it’s some place that I think everyone should try once.