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imageAuthor: Disney Diva

With the closing of Toontown in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World you might be wondering where on earth you can meet the Big Cheese, the Main Mouse, you know… MIC-KEY M-O-U-S-E?!
Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!

Mickey has now movedimage to Town Square Theater on Main Street which is just about..

HERE on the map! ->

Now, it’s cool that you meet Mickey here, but the really neat part is the amazing details that they put into this area in both the waiting areas and the meet-up area itself!

Let me share some of my favorites!
Scrooge McDuck’s safe and moneybags

Cool posters from old-school Disney cartoons
Mickey’s Fan Mail!
Art and Publicity Department
Then you walk in to the meet and greet area.
Check out these awesome details!
PS. Can you find the hidden mickey here?!
I REALLY loved the potions and spells. They are Madam Mim’s (from Sword in the Stone)
And a bag of bird seed called… wait for it… Tuppence! (from Mary Poppins)
A Thank You letter from Angus MacBadger (Wind in the Willows!! Check that detail baby) to Mickey for buying the “horseless carriage” from Toad Motors.
And Magician Mickey Cards!
This is part of why I love Disney so much! They pay attention to every single detail and interweave those things, so people looking for them will be delighted!

Enjoy your time with Mickey, but don’t miss these awesome details. Enjoy!