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By Dopey Diva

In case you haven’t noticed by now…I LOVE PARADES! They are one of my favorite things about Disney World and I try very hard not to miss any of them. The Main St. Electrical Parade is no exception. As I have mentioned with other parades, if you want a good viewing seat you need to find one at least 30 minutes before a parade starts. We like to grab a bite to eat, either a late quick service dinner or a snack, find a nice spot on the curb and enjoy some food while waiting for the parade to start. We normally end up sitting very close to Casey’s Corner or Cinderella Castle for this parade but I have heard Frontierland is a good place to sit and is usually not as crowded as the Main Street area.

This nighttime parade is very different from the other Disney parades. While it still has the Disney characters and dancers, this parade consists of glowing, spinning, and gliding floats which are all covered in thousands of lights. The lights are synchronized with a soundtrack which creates an amazing musical spectacle that lasts for 25 minutes!

This parade begins next to Harmony Barber Shop, circles Town Square, heads down Main Street, around the HUB in front of Cinderella Castle, crosses the bridge to Liberty Square then heads to Frontierland where it ends. (There may be times this route is reversed).

During the busy time at DW this parade may run twice a night but during the off peak time it may not run every night so be sure to check your Times Guide at MK for showtimes and routes. Also, since it is outdoors it is subject to cancellation if the weather is bad.

The Electrical Parade truly is one of Disney’s magical experiences that can be enjoyed by the entire family so try not to miss it!