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Making Disney Picture Perfect- Tips for Capturing Disney World Photos with No One In Them!

By Pixie Hollow Diva

Disney is memorable and magical.  It is there for families to have the opportunity to build wonderful, amazing and loving memories. My husband and I built some of those memories before we even had children.  We have many wonderful pictures that have captured our first time there as a couple.  We had a great Disney love which we see now in our two little girls.

I am now a Mom and not just a wife. Disney can be more hectic going with one or more children.  You go there hoping to capture and take advantage of all Disney World has to offer. The pictures help make it all extra magical. Yes, there is Photopass with Disney photographers to always help you with remembering those memories. I feel the ones you can capture yourself can be more magical.   My husband would constantly make fun of me for the amount of pictures I would take, especially in Disney World.  We go every year, sometimes lucky enough to go twice. The Magic Kingdom is the most special for my family and I. I like to capture simple things- Capturing your children’s faces as you enter Magic Kingdom, to the laughs on rides and the looks on their faces when they see their favorite princess. Their expressions as they take it all in are worth every penny it was to enter that gate.  It is those little moments that you will not get back.

Making Disney Picture Perfect- Tips for Capturing Disney World Photos with No One In Them!

Sometimes it can be hard to capture beautiful photos due to the crowds.  In all the years that we have been traveling to Disney, I just figured this out, or I should say realized something new.  My daughters are ages five and two.  My youngest was too young for the boutique, but still wanted to be a princess, which of course she is anyway!  This past July I made a reservation at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for my older daughter.  I planned to get the first appointment which I figured was 9am since that is when the park opens.   When I called they informed me to Boutique starts taking reservations at 8am!  I was more excited about this than my daughter!   I knew what this meant right there and then!  At 8am the park was NOT open to anyone else except for those reservations and early dining.  Now my wheels started turning on what type of picture I wanted to capture.  My first thought was to have both girls holding hands and walking down Main Street.   I had both girls dressed in princess dresses and had the chance to capture a gorgeous photo.   As we continued to walk. this happened:  Both of my little girls, as princesses, holding hands still,  walking up the castle’s walkway, ALONE with NO ONE around.  That was the one that happened spontaneously and it was beautiful! My advice, book early at your 180 day mark.  If photos are important to you book anything early!  The constant trying and effort will pay off.  I now have a gorgeous photo that we can all cherish always. Those little things are the magical moments you will never get back. Tips for capturing those perfect Disney World shots... without anyone else in them!

What are some of your tips for getting those “picture perfect” shots? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re ready to book your next vacation, contact Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, Patricia Payne! Her services are FREE for you and she can help you with all of your travel needs. Click here for a free quote!