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By Pixie Hollow Diva

Top 5 Disney World to Do

Some people may not realize there are some things that should be done inside one park, at least once.  Each park has their own must do’s and signature rides or experiences.  My favorite park is Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  I have come up with this  short list of things that should be done at least once while visiting there.

1. Arrive at Magic Kingdom for rope drop. If you would like to ride several rides early without the crowds, rope drop is                worth arriving early to do so.  The cast members at the park usually allow you to enter about an hour before.  You will            stand in a group at the start of Main Street behind a rope, hence the name.   Once the rope drops, you can enter and            head to the rides of your choice.  On this day, I would not use a FastPass for the morning.  You can read about                      FastPasses here.  Arriving that early will give you to opportunity to have a very short wait (or no wait at all) for the                    rides. Disney Diva tip, use your FastPass in this park later in the day when the park is more crowded and has            long wait times.   

  1. Make a breakfast reservation inside the park before it opens to the public. You can log onto Disney’s website and check park hours for a specific day.  We recently did this and it was a great idea!  We had a reservation around 8:00 am and the park did not open until 9:00 am.  This was an amazing experience because the park is empty.  The only people that are inside the park with you are others with reservations.  Entering early allows you to take amazing pictures of the park and castle with NO ONE in your pictures!  I was able to capture beautiful pictures of my two little girls walking up the castle ramp as the sun was rising on the castle!  These pictures are worth the extra expense and the need to wake up for an early breakfast.

             Taking pictures early, Must Do in Magic Kingdom

  1. Eat a meal at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Be Our Guest recently opened within the last three years and is located in Fantasyland.  The restaurant was built to look like the Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast.  We chose to have dinner there when it recently had opened and it was good.  It was not overly wonderful where I would eat there again for dinner, but the atmosphere is amazing!  Because of the atmosphere, this is why I say to choose any meal.  Breakfast and lunch are much cheaper so I would recommend one of those options.  Breakfast and lunch are considered a quick service option, this means you order at a kiosk and find a seat.  If meeting the beast is important to you, book a dinner because the Beast only makes an appearance throughout the castle at dinner time. To figure out which meal is best for your family, read Darlin’ Diva’s article here.

          Be our Guest                                                                      Be Our Guest Dining, Magic Kingdom top %

  1. Meet Mickey Mouse in Town Square Theater. The reason meeting Mickey in this location is so special is because this is the place where you will meet the ONLY talking Mickey Mouse in Disney World!  This is a great experience and since he speaks to you, I feel it’s very special.  Once you enter Magic Kingdom, he is located on your right side inside the Town Theater… you cannot miss it!  He tends to be busier during the morning hours.  He is less busy in the early afternoon.  Early afternoon would be the best time to meet him; this way you do not need to use a FastPass on this and can save it for a ride that has a usually long wait.


  1. Do eat at Liberty Tree Tavern. Liberty Tree Tavern is located in Liberty Square.  This is one of my favorite places inside Magic Kingdom to eat with my family.  Liberty Tree offers lunch and dinner.  We always choose to eat dinner there.  I love this restaurant because you get that true “home” feeling while dining.  The restaurant is geared towards the Revolutionary Era and it features all of your favorite American comfort food.  The lunch menu is a la carte along with the option of an “all you can eat” sit-downvmeal.  Dinner consists of only an “all you can eat” dinner.   The menu can be found here, and there is always something for everyone.

So these are my 5 Magic Kingdom Must Do’s! What are your family’s? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re ready to book your next vacation, why not take advantage of FREE help planning your trip? Contact Patricia Payne at All For Dreams Travel here!