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By Superhero Diva

MaxPass at DLOver the past handful of years it’s safe to say most visitors at Disneyland are very familiar with their FastPass system for the popular rides and big shows.  Some of us when visiting Disneyland may even have their FastPass system down so well you are on autopilot when retiring your pass. Walk up to the kiosk, enter/scan your park ticket, and then out pops a cute paper ticket themed to that ride letting you know what times to return for a shorter line experience. Hey, another free souvenir source for all you scrapbookers!
Paper fastpassHowever early last fall, Disney announced a new system to retrieving and using your FastPasses, called MaxPass.  But of course this new high-tech way of using the FastPass system is not free…but it seems pretty nice.

Here are some things you need to know about the new Disney MaxPass:

  1. You must have a theme park ticket or have an Annual Pass.
  2. The only way to use MaxPass is to have the Disneyland App on your phone.
  3. Once your park ticket is scanned upon entering the park you can open the Disneyland App and activate MaxPass on your park ticket.
  4. Cost: $10 Per Day, Per Ticket. Remember if you have a family of 4 and everyone needed a park ticket to get in, everyone is going to need MaxPass added to their ticket through the app if you all want to use the MaxPass system for easy FastPasses.
    Annual Passholders have the option of adding MaxPass for the life of their current passport for a flat fee of $75. Unless you are a Signature Plus Passholder, it’s already included in your perks.
  5. The Disney MAxPass includes unlimited Photopass downloads for the whole day!
    Also including magic shots, attraction photos and character dinning photos!!!
    Diva Tip: This is by far my favorite perk of the MaxPass, especially since I’ve always had good photos taken by the Photopass photographers around the park. It’s very expensive to buy just one photo from Photopass (I think the cheapest is $15 for one 5×7) so the MaxPass more than pays for its self in that regard. Plus I’m a mom of two kids, Im always wanting cute fun photos of them!
  6. You can make your next FastPass reservation even sicker now with the MaxPass. Once you enter the FastPass line at an attraction, instead of handing over your paper ticket, you now scan your FastPass barcode thats on your phone. Once it’s scanned at the attraction you can immediately reserve a FastPass for another ride while in line.
  7. You still need to get a regular paper FastPass for the shows such as World of Color or Fantasmic at the show’s FastPass kiosks.

    MaxPass on your phone in the Disneyland App

    Disney MaxPass in the Disneyland App

I decided to try it out on my last trip in November 2017 and see what I thought about it.
At first I didn’t want to because of the cost in general, but I told myself i would just try it for the first day of our trip.  At the end of our trip I ended up liking the pass enough to pay and use it for both days at the parks.  Besides all the photo benefits that you receive with the MaxPass there is another perk many people do not know about or hear much about.

Diva Tip: When you use the MaxPass app to acquire a FastPass for a ride, and while you are waiting to use that FastPass and that ride breaks/closes down for some reason your Fastness will turn into a special on that can be used on any ride (that uses the FastPass system) at anytime that day!

I wasn’t sure what it was at first so I made sure to take a screen shot of it to show you all:

Free ride pass on MaxPass

*Picture of what free ride pass looks like on MaxPass*

So all in all I myself had a good experience using the MaxPass. I know on my next family trip this spring, I will be getting the MaxPass everyday for my ticket to make sure to take advantage of the Photopass perks for my family. I’m not sure though if we will all have the MaxPass added to our tickets for rides everyday…but it would ne a fun treat to do for at least one day!