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By Darlin’ Diva

There are several 3-D movie experiences for families to enjoy at Walt Disney World.  This particular form of entertainment is an excellent demonstration of how Disney makes the ordinary extraordinary.  Take Mickey’s PhilharMagic over in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom- this attraction is just about as perfect as it gets.  There’s singing and laughing and no shortage of wonderful surprises!  Most kids, even really little ones, love that show.

IMG_4854Over at the Animal Kingdom park, is a 3-D movie of a different sort.  This one’s perhaps just a tad less perfect than its Fantasyland counterpart, but it may be just right for certain families or certain family members.  In the cool darkness, beneath the Tree of Life, visitors gather in the cave-like interior of the pre-show waiting area and are entertained by posters from famous insect movies.  Once the doors open and everyone has found a seat in the theater, with 3-D glasses (bug eyes in this case) in place…the show begins.

Warning:  Spoilers Ahead!

It’s Tough to Be a Bug combines intense 3-D movie effects, large animatronics, surprises contained within the seats, and “smell-a-vision” to entertain guests in this 8 minute show.  This particular combination of effects seems to genuinely traumatize many small (and not so small) members of the audience unlike any other attraction.

Here are things to consider before you visit It’s Tough to Be a Bug:

  • The theater is very dark and some parts of the movie can be scary.
  • The giant animatronic “Hopper” – the evil grasshopper from A Bug’s Life – is scary.
  • The bugs seem to be everywhere all around you – even under the seats and behind you, which can be scary.
  • While parts of the movie are extremely funny, clever, and entertaining, a huge exodus from the theater by parents carrying screaming children is not uncommon during this film.
  • People of any age who are scared of bugs, the dark, and/or the unexpected may not care for this experience.

So, who will love It’s Tough to Be a Bug and add it to their must-do list of attractions? 

  • Children (Boys in particular) who love creepy crawly stinky things!
  • Kids and adults who aren’t scared of bugs and like a good adventure
  • Anyone who has a good sense of humor for pranks and surprises
  • Big fans of A Bug’s Life will enjoy seeing the characters again.

Tips if you plan on seeing this attraction:

There’s usually a very short wait – do not use one of your precious three FastPasses for It’s Tough to Be a Bug!

IMG_4852It is a fantastic place to cool off!  It gets mighty hot out there in the wilds of Asia and Africa (not to mention Dinoland) – the Tree of Life is centrally located, easy to find, and the under-the-tree cavern offers a wonderful respite from the Florida heat and sun.  Enjoy the wait time prior to entering the theater by letting your eyes adjust to the dim light, taking a look around, and enjoying the cool air.

When in doubt, try a different, milder 3-D experience (like Mickey’s PhilharMagic) prior to seeing It’s Tough to Be a Bug.  If that goes well, but you’re still worried, then tell small children what to expect from this attraction – yes, it may be ruining the surprise, but better that than unanticipated trauma or terror – or worse – a fear-induced meltdown!

Let little ones sit on your lap for the duration of the show.  This way, they won’t even know about the surprises in the seats and if they can make it through the Hopper parts without incident, you’re probably home free.

Consider this attraction a reward for boys that have endured a whole lot of princess action without whining.  Worked for me!

Until next time…Darlin’ Diva