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By Pixie Hollow Diva

Tips for Relaxing ALONE in Disney Wold

It can be very simple for a mom to get some relaxation time while in Disney World.  Many people think Disney is a vacation for kids.  It is important to build memories for your children, but it is also important to have your own.  Moms tend to put their kids first and themselves last; I know I usually do.  I find it hard at times to justify getting a manicure because I feel there’s more I can be doing at home in that hour.  When I eventually find the time for myself it is usually weeks later after the initial idea.  On vacation, moms probably rarely think of doing something for themselves.  Here are a few pointers, especially if you are a Disney fan.

It had never really crossed my mind in the past 5 years since having children, to do something for myself while in Disney World.  We go every year and I have had a love for Disney since I was a child.  I put all the thought into what the best things for my girls would be so they enjoy every moment.  Of course, as a parent, that in itself is rewarding and special.  However, it is nice as a mom to have some alone time.  Last Christmas, my husband had given me a spa pedicure at Senses at the Grand Floridian.  The pedicure was scheduled this past summer when we stayed in Disney the week of the 4th of July.  At first I thought, “How is this going to work?  My girls are 18 months and 5 years old and they will probably flip if I am going off without them.”  But then I thought, “This is great, an hour and half pedicure, alone, in peace and quiet!”  As the time approached I thought to myself, I am going to make the best out of this.

We were staying at the Polynesian Resort which is on the monorail route.  I figured out a great way to start my relaxation time beginning with the monorail ride.  I grabbed a coffee and off I started on the monorail.  I was looking forward to this more than the pedicure.  Disney is beautiful!  Riding the monorail by yourself is highly recommended!  You are able to look out the windows and really admire all of the beauty around you.  You can see the seven seas lagoon on your way to making the stop at the Grand Floridian.  This hotel is amazing!  It is simple and elegant.  I wanted to enjoy my time here.  I got off the monorail and still had some time before my pedicure so I decided to walk around the lobby.  I walked in and it is Grand!  To the right is a huge staircase leading to the second floor.  I walked up the staircase, circled the second floor and walked down.  When my kids are with me, you cannot appreciate all the elegance this hotel has to offer.  I then walked right back out the front doors and walked over to Senses.  It is on the Grand Floridian property but is about a 5 minute walk from the lobby.  I headed in and was all set up for my pedicure. It was nice to receive a spa treatment while on vacation, that is something I have never done before.  Once my treatment was over I had to option of taking the monorail back to the Polynesian or walking the path connecting the Grand Floridian and Polynesian.  I chose to walk.

Tips for Relaxing ALONE in Disney Wold

Taking a nice walk, alone is very relaxing.  There was NO noise; I was the only one on the path!  I was able to see the Grand Floridian Villas building as I approached the path along the Seven Seas Lagoon.  It was nice to walk slowly and catch a glimpse of the castle along the way.  I was able to admire everything the area had to offer.  The cleanliness, the architecture of the hotels, and the natural scenery is very nice, so it really does not matter where you are staying.  If you are able to leave your children with a significant other or family member, take a walk!  Even sitting outside your room or staying in your room would be nice!  Have whoever else traveled with you take your kids to the pool or walk around.  Eventually you can go meet up with them!  Check out the grounds and the hotel alone.  Grab a drink of your choice and sit on a bench.  It is important to take a few minutes to yourself!  It can be very helpful for your mood while on vacation.  Disney is a trip where your kids are doing a lot and out of their routines.  To help keep your “cool” I would take time for yourself.

Tips for Relaxing ALONE in Disney Wold

A monorail ride alone can be enough it itself.  It is also free!  If a spa treatment is not in your budget, skip it!  Take a nice early morning monorail ride alone.  You can do the entire route if you like.  You can stop at a hotel that you may have not seen before.  If you have a Park Hopper pass, take a nice walk through Magic Kingdom or Epcot since you already have the accessibility of the monorail.  You can also just stop at a hotel, walk around the lobby or take a seat outside and enjoy a view of the castle.  I think as a mom it is important for a little “me” time.  It is even more important while on vacation because Disney is a busy trip!  You are constantly doing something and lugging a bunch of stuff around for your kids and maybe husbands too!  Take an hour for yourself!  It is a wonderful experience.

What do you do to enjoy some rest and relaxation while vacationing at Disney? Let us know in the comments below!

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