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Ten days following my RNY gastric bypass surgery, I found myself feeling fine, home with a husband who had taken a ton of personal time to stay by my side as I recovered, and kids off from school for another two weeks before the start of the new school year.  What would any rational person do this soon after surgery?  We were headed to Walt Disney World!

I’ve been to Disney many times since that day seven years ago, and I have learned quite a few lessons along the way.  While it’s definitely a case of ask and you MAY receive, here are some great tips you might be able to use on your upcoming post-op Disney vacation.

1 – Ask for children’s meals:  While this probably won’t happen at a buffet or all you care to eat experience, many table service restaurants are able to offer post-ops the option to choose from the kids’ menu.  The good thing about that is there are many restaurants with healthier options among the children’s selections that you can enjoy without risk of gastrointestinal distress.

2 – Opt for an appetizer:  Ignore the majority of the tempting table service menu and focus on the lighter side by browsing the appetizers.  You may be entirely full after an appetizer, but if you have a traveling companion, you can each order an appetizer then share an entrée.  Not only will it help keep you from uncomfortably overeating, it may help keep your travel partner from putting on those extra vacation pounds!

3 – Eat more often than you might at home:  Many post-ops become hypoglycemic following surgery.  If you stick to your regular meal schedule, you may experience a hypoglycemic episode as a result of the added carbs or increased exercise.  Plan to stick to protein heavy meals, and instead of three or four small meals, go with five or six.  It will help you maintain your sugar level and avoid a crash while talking to Crush.

4 – Ask for sugar free:  You know you want that Mickey ice cream bar more than you want to live until next Tuesday.  Don’t do it.  Steal a bite from one of your kids, but when it comes to desserts, it’s not worth the reaction.  Nothing is going to taste so good that it’s worth laying on the bathroom floor of Liberty Tree Tavern until the cold sweats and shakes subside.  Not that I have any personal knowledge of this fact.  (but if you find the earring I may have lost while not experiencing this, let me know!)

5 – Talk to the Chef:  When in doubt, they’ll help you out.  The culinary staff of any Walt Disney World restaurant is happy to discuss with you menu options that will work for your special dietary needs.  Don’t overlook this very valuable benefit of dining at a Disney restaurant.  Rather than take a chance with something that will make you sick, let them offer advice as to what menu items they can make work for you.  I once had a chef prepare me a pasta dish entirely devoid of the pasta itself.  Delish!

Don’t let your vacation be the reason you stop working the tool you’ve been given.  Eat what you know is safe, and avoid taking risks with things you haven’t tried since you had your surgery.  It would be a miserable trade off to miss half a day of your vacation due to an unfriendly food reaction.


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