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We are all about keeping the Disney blogging community healthy here at Tips from the Disney Divas and Devos and so we’re taking Monday’s to highlight some of the great other blogs out there that will help you plan fantastic trips! We hope that you will visit these blogs, like their pages, and keep coming back here for more referrals to some great perspectives on Disney Trips!

Today’s article is from ...and another cup of coffee (click here to be taken to the site) 

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Who doesn’t love Disneyland, am I right?

What are the first two things you think about when some one talks about a DL trip…awesome/fun/magic & the money to make it happen.
But it can be so hard for many of us to pay for a trip to go (especially when you travel with kids).  I am no expert, by far, and have only been to Disneyland (never to Disney World).
But I wanted to share with you all just a few tips and tricks to make it easier to plan your DL (Disneyland) vacation that I’ve come to know over the years…

  1. Plan, Plan and Plan some more.

You need to figure out which month/season to go. If you go in the summer awesome, but good luck to you. Summer is one of the peaks times for crowds, long lines, much higher costs to flights and hotel stays.  Some may argue “but it’s nice weather in the summer” and my reply would be “it’s California (I used to live there) it’s been in the 80’s and it’s January).

OK, so my advice is to plan accordingly and if you are trying to save all you can in order to just be able to go to DL (like me) go in the off season, especially if you have younger kids.
February is my personal favorite time to go.  We went last year in February for our daughters very first trip to DL and it worked out great!

I recommend checking out:
Alaska Airlines – They run great hotel, theme park or plane ticket discounts. Sometimes they run their Kids Fly Free to the Disneyland Resort deal.

Mousesavers – Shows different deals and packages.

Costco – Costco offers discounts and packages to members, sometimes including a free Character Meal, photo book or Disney Gift Card.

2.  Start Getting Excited!

Hey you’ve saved, you deal hunted for the best prices to get you to DL…now pump up the Disney!
If the kids know about your upcoming trip get them involved too, it will just make it more fun for all of you!

-Make a Disney Trip Count Down (all kinds of ideas on Pinterest)

-Watch a different Disney movie that there is a ride for every week ’till your trip.

-Get or print out and color some Disney coloring pages

-Request the free Disneyland Planning DVD. It will help you plan and get your kids excited.

-Go to the Disneyland website.  Look around at the attractions, entertainment and dining options.

-Let your kids make a “Must Do/See/Ride” list. It might make them feel special if they have chosen a particular ride that is important to them.

3. Get some books…


That’s right, go down to the library and pick up a few of these great books. You will be surprised to read little tips and some unknown facts about the park. Our daughter loved looking through the books at all the pictures and reading about it all. We especially had fun learning more about the hidden Mickey’s throughout the park that it made it that much more fun looking for them when we were there!

Here are a few book suggestions:

-Birnbaum’s Disneyland 2014

-The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2014

-Hidden Mickey’s

4. Make Dinning Reservations Now! (and Look-up Menu’s)

If you plan on eating at any sit down places you can make reservations as early as 60 days before your trip. They make it pretty easy to do to.
Go to the Disneyland website under Dinning to make reservations and view menu’s or you can call at (714) 781-DINE 7 days a week: 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
*Please be advised that Disney now requests a credit card when making reservations. If you don’t show up or cancel 24hrs before your reservation time they charge you a $10 fee.

Browse the web, the DL site, Pinterest and ask around to find the restaurants serving the food you will enjoy. It’s important, when trying to have a great vacation, to know some information in advance. Heading to restaurants you are looking forward to is always a great part of vacationing.

No need to spend your whole trip eating dry chicken strips and soggy french fries. Just do your homework and know where to go (and where not to go).

5. Ways to make it easier…

A few suggestions to help you save or just make it easier to get you on your way to Disneyland.

-Turn in Credit Card Rewards for Disney gift cards or Target/Store gift cards to use to go get Disney gift cards

-Check Disney Movie Rewards to see if you can turn in all the points you have (and completely forgot about) for a Disney gift card.

-Buy a Disney gift card or stash money away once a month until your trip and try to forget about it until it’s time to go.

-Hit up the Dollar store for rain ponchos (hey you never know and they are $12 at DL) and small Disney toys/activities for the kids on the long plane ride.

-Take tons of pictures! Have fun! And watch your child’s face just light up with amazement when they see their favorite character!

Be on the lookout for a post with lots of food and special pics from Disneyland next month (Feb), because we are going!!!!!


~And Another Cup of Coffee

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