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 By Tangled Diva
Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love Disney any more, I ran across this little beauty—
During this 30 minute act, the Los Lawn Boys family of entertainers will have you singing along to familiar tunes and laughing your head off all at the same time.  The show currently takes place twice a day (4:00 and 5:00 PM) under the Sorcerers Hat in Disney’s Hollywood Studio–be sure and check out the times guide when you go in case this changes.  When we were there, the 4:00 PM show was a tribute to 80’s music, and the 5:00 PM show a tribute to The Beatles.  While I am very partial to 80’s music, both shows were equally awesome.
Because of my love for 80’s music, I was- much to the chagrin of probably everyone around me- singing (okay, okay yelling) along to every song. At the same time, I was praying desperately I didn’t get yanked into the show, as I am not a performer.  The song choices were familiar classics so just about everyone around me 30 and older were doing the same thing as me.  Let me add here that while most of the kiddos had probably never heard these legendary classics, all of those around me still appeared to enjoy the show, especially those whose mom’s were yanked into it. 
My husband and son were checking out Indiana Jones while I was at the first show, but as soon as they exited I told them that we had to be back at the hat for the 5:00 show.  I expected it to be the same show but quickly learned it was a Beatles tribute.  Don’t judge me, but I am not a Beatles fan.  My 6-year old son also shares my love for 80’s music, so I was a little disappointed that it was not the same show.  However, it was still an excellent show, and I quickly learned that I had given way too many band’s credit for music originally done by the Beatles.  During both shows, members of the audience were called in to help with the show on multiple occasions—one lucky member even got to play the inflatable guitar (a souvenir she got to keep) along with the band’s manager.
As the manager states, “While yard work is the family business, hard rock is the family passion.”  But, don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a musical act.  The band manager’s comedic timing combined with his ability to think on his feet, his obvious awkwardness and his desperation to be part of the band make it quite the comedy routine too.  This rock’n’roll-loving manager takes every attempt possible to weasel his way into the musical numbers often pulling audience members in with him.  He is equal parts hilarity and comic genius—having the audience laughing, involved, and, more importantly, completely entertained. 
If you are visiting Hollywood Studios, this act is a MUST-DO, and I highly recommend catching both shows as they are very different.  I guarantee that neither show disappoints.  The great music, amazing vocals, and hilarity of the show makes it entertaining for people of all ages.  Honestly, you don’t even have to like music to enjoy this show, although it definitely helps.  Oh, and for the ladies, did I mention the band is not too hard on the eyes either 😉 

Be sure and c

heck out the band on Facebook by clicking here, and you can purchase band merchandise by clicking here.  But, whatever you do, if you are in Hollywood Studios, DO NOT miss their shows!