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by Wishes Diva

If you have ever visited Walt Disney World you know there are hundreds of rides and other attractions to experience! Each visit that I get to take, there are specific rides that I make sure I do every time no matter what. Check out my list of my favorite ride at each park below, and see how it compares to yours!

Favorite Ride at Each Walt Disney World Park

Hollywood Studios: So disclaimer… I haven’t been to Toy Story Land or Galaxy’s Edge yet. I know, it’s sad. So there is a chance that my favorite could change after my next trip. The thing I love about Hollywood Studios is the polarity of the different areas. There are so many different areas to explore and they all have a unique movie theme.

Favorite ride: Toy Story Mania

Favorite Rides at WDW

Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is my favorite at Studios because it is interactive, and each game you play is a little different. It’s fun to go up against your riding partner to see who can score the most points and be the champion of the rode! Each screen you and whisked between gives you a new way to use your game gun to score points!

Animal Kingdom:  This park is my favorite! So many people underestimate Animal Kingdom and write it off as a half day park, but there is so much to see! Granted you won’t find as many rides here as you will the other parks, but the attractions that Animal Kingdom has to offer are different than your run-of-the-mill theme park attractions. The walking trails and animal encounters offer so much more!

Favorite ride: Kilimanjaro Safari

Animal Kingdom ABC's

Zebra grazing on Kilimanjaro Safari

Grab your cameras and keep your eyes peeled during this ride! The greatest thing about this is you will never have the same experience twice. The animals have large open spaces to wander through so you never know what you’re going to get. The guides I have had on this ride are typically really great and informative as well which can really take your safari ride to the next level!

EPCOT: This park is split into two sections and is also expecting a huge amount of updates in the coming years. Recently at the D23 Expo the company announced numerous new updates to the area. So this opinion, like Studios, will potentially be changing in the (somewhat) near future.

Favorite ride: Soarin’ Around the World

Favorite Rides at WDW

Entrance ramp to Soarin’
*photo courtesy of Marvel Diva

This attraction takes you on an amazing virtual hang glider trip across scenes from several countries around the world. The reason this is my top in EPCOT is because of the technology they used when they created the videos that go along with the ride. The icing on top of the Soarin’ cake is the scents they pipe into the theater to further enhance the hang gliding experience.

Magic Kingdom: This park is the hardest to choose. There are so many great options here and such a wide range of types of attractions to choose from as well. I could easily debate with myself all day to choose a favorite, however, there is one ride that comes to the top of the list above all the others.

Favorite ride: Haunted Mansion

Magic Kingdom's The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion
*photo courtesy of Soarin’ Diva

When I was little I was always scared to try this ride, so I don’t think I actually tried it until I was just out of college. I instantly fell in love with it. The story line and theming alone are enough to keep me coming back. I am amazed every time at the devotion to character that the Cast Members that work the attraction show- no matter the circumstance they are always in character! It also helps that the soundtrack in the last room is so catchy!

As I stated before, each park has so much to offer. My advice is to experience as much as you can at each park, and make up your mind for yourself! Every person I encounter that has been to the parks 10 times or just once has a different answer when I ask them what rides are there favorite. The “World” is yours to explore – so go explore it!


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