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By Wishes Diva

When planning your Walt Disney World Trip it can be hard to prioritize which attractions you have to do and which ones can be lower on the list. The amount of things to do on a Walt Disney World vacation can be completely overwhelming! So I am here to help you prioritize. This list is for the older visitors and thrill seekers. If you are interested in a list for kids check out my other article here.

Top Attractions for Adults at WDW

Each park has it top attraction picks for everyone. For more information for the thrill seekers in your group, check out Orange Bird Devo’s “A Thrill Seeker’s Guide to the Walt Disney World Theme Park” here! This list is my opinion on the top 3 must-do attractions for each park. Let’s jump in!

Magic Kingdom: Magic Kingdom is often seen for the timeless rides and family friendly attractions. This is all true, however, the park also has many rides that are not for the weak stomached!

Top 3 thrill attractions: Space Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

This list is pretty standard and should come as no surprise! These are definite attractions to try to FastPass as their lines are rarely under an hour. If you’re lucky and you play your cards right you might have a shorter wait. Space Mountain is always a favorite. Whizzing through space on an “invisible” track will never get old. The darkness and sound around you envelopes you into truly feeling like you’re in an open-air spaceship zooming through the atmosphere! Seven Dwarfs is the newest on this list. My favorite thing about the coaster is how smooth the ride is. The engineering they used on the coaster cars is pretty incredible as each car sways side to side independently from the rest. On the contrast, Big Thunder Mountain is the standard old school coaster. My favorite place to ride on this one is the back row- you get the most lift on the small hills!

Animal Kingdom: So many people underestimate Animal Kingdom in general but it has its share of thrill rides as well!

Top 3 thrill attractions: Expedition Everest, Flight of Passage and DINOSAUR.

Top Attractions for Adults at WDW

As it was with Magic Kingdom this list is fairly standard. Expedition Everest takes you into the Himalayas where you have a run in with the infamous Yeti. You reach the top of the mountain to find the track has ended and there is no where to go but backwards. My favorite part is the view from the top of the track (especially if you wait to sit in the front which I highly recommend.) Flight of Passage is the newest of this group and one of the most advanced rides in all of the parks. Riding on a banshee through Pandora on a motorcycle type seat makes this attraction far beyond anything else I’ve experienced at the parks! The last on the list is DINOSAUR. Now my personal opinion about this ride is that I’ve ridden it once and I don’t need to ever again. That being said it is definitely a thrill ride that takes you on a trip through a prehistoric jungle full of gigantic dinosaurs!

EPCOT: This park offers several different types of thrill rides making it the most diverse list.

Top 3 thrill attractions: Mission:SPACE, Test Track and Soarin’ Around the World.

Top Attractions for Adults at WDW

As I stated earlier this is a very diverse list of thrill rides. Each one of these is going to give you a completely different ride experience. Mission:SPACE puts you in control of a spacecraft mission where each rider has their own job. This attraction comes with two levels- Green and Orange- and either one will get your heart beating quick! Fair warning this attraction is known to make people feel ill, especially if you are someone prone to motion sickness. Test Track puts you in charge of creating your own unique car prototype to send through safety tests. At the end of the ride you get to see how to stack up after being whipped around an outside track around 65 mph! The last on this list is one of my all time favorite Disney attractions. Soarin’ Around the World shows you a hang glider view of many well-known sights around the world including the Great Wall of China, Swiss Alps, Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal to name a few. The incredible scent technology will immerse you in the surroundings as you fly.

Hollywood Studios: This park has had so many changes recently it can be hard to keep track of! Toy Story Land has now been open a year, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to open at the end of August!

Top 3 thrill attractions: Rock’n’Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror and Slinky Dog Dash.

It is worth mentioning that come August, it is very possible that Millennium Falcon:Smugglers Run may also make this list. To read more about the Galaxy’s Edge opening at Disneyland you can check out this article!

These attractions are all the textbook definition of thrill rides! Rock’n’Rollercoaster takes you on a high-speed limo ride along with the rock and roll band Aerosmith as you race to get to the concert on time. In Tower of Terror, take a ride on the most haunted elevator you’ve ever seen! Step into the Twilight Zone as you drop and rise multiple building stories at a time. Slinky Dog Dash is your standard roller coaster- but the theming definitely does not disappoint! This new coaster is a smooth ride through the eyes of a toy as you bob and weave through Toy Story Land in the newest edition to Hollywood Studios.

Top Attractions for Adults at WDW

My hope is that this list will be helpful to you as you plan for the thrill seekers traveling with you. As always, my biggest advice to you is to plan ahead and know your family. And also, for these rides in particular, utilize the FastPass+ system!