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by Pixie Dusted Diva


Tucked away in Liberty Square, you will find one of my favorite table service restaurants within the Magic Kingdom: Liberty Tree Tavern. Alright, so maybe you only have a few other choices for table services restaurants which includes Crystal Palace, Tony’s and the Plaza. It is important to know the lunch menu and the dinner menu are very different. While we have never eaten lunch here and prefer dinner, I’m sure it’s just as good. Lunch is served off the menu, while dinner is “all you can eat, family style”.
When you are seated, the Cast Member will call your family name and where you are from;, “Now seating the Smith Family from Maine.” While you’re waiting in the open lobby and the kids are coloring, it’s fun to listen to where everyone is from. The theming of the restaurant is based on United States history. You will find the Benjamin Franklin room and the Betsy Ross room. The décor is very rustic with artifacts hanging on the walls.
Lunch is served a lar carte from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. The lunch menu includes New England Pot Roast, Freedom Pasta, Angus Cheeseburger, Liberty Boys BLT, Pilgrim’s Feast, Colony Salad, Tavern Battered Fish and Chips and Vegetarian Proclamation. The Pilgrim’s Feast would be the most similar to the dinner served as it includes turkey, mashed potatoes and vegetables. The Children’s lunch menu is very similar with macaroni and cheese, New England post roast, oven roasted turkey or pasta with marinara sauce.

Dinner is all you care to enjoy serving from 3 p.m. Dinner is described on the menu as a colonial menu served family style including roast turkey breast, tavern keeper’s pot roast, sliced tavern ham with traditional accompaniments, seasonal vegetables, herb stuffy, mashed potatoes and Johnny Appleseed’s tart. You’ll also start the meal with warm bread and butter along with a salad.
IMG_4877Some changes we noticed from the last time we dined here was the addition of ham to the main platter, the elimination of macaroni and cheese and a change in the dessert. We remember the dessert being served warm and it had craisins in it. This time it was served cold with apples. However, it is still served with ice cream!
One of my pet peeves about this restaurant is the bathroom. You have to go up a large flight of stairs to a two stall women’s room that always has a line. I’m not sure who came up with this layout or location in the restaurant, but it is not ideal, especially with kids.
My favorite thing about Liberty Tree is the fact that’s it’s all you can eat family style. It makes life easier as you don’t have to keep going up to a buffet, and they will bring you more of whatever you like! If you are a fan of Thanksgiving then this is a must try for you. We never leave here hungry!

The Disney Dining Plan is accept here, otherwise the cost for dinner is $33 for guests 10 and over and $19 for guests 3-9.
I like the location in Liberty Square, as if you time it right you can book a Fastpass+ for rides in Frontierland such as Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain before or after dinner. If there is a parade scheduled and you have an early or late dinner seating it will go right by the restaurant.

We, the Sons and Daughters of the Liberty Tree Tavern, invite you to share the bounty of our daily harvest.

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