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By: Disneylove Diva

IMG_0697Hello Diva fans!! Disneylove Diva here, ready to tell you all about my most recent trip to WDW with my niece Bella (Boo). If you read my last article, “My First trip to WDW with a Toddler” , you saw that I was going to be taking her to Disney again in March. Well I did. Like I said in the last article, I knew it might be a totally different experience and it was. One year older can make a world a difference, but in this case it was for the better as far as going to WDW. She had so much fun and so did we.

We were at Disney March 16-20th. Of course during Spring Break. Crowds surprisingly were not that bad. Boo does not like crowds that much, but she did just fine. Her favorites rides have stayed the same since last time: It’s a Small World, Kilimanjaro Safari, and the Carousel of Progress. But her new number favorite thing in all of WDW is the Festival of Fantasy Parade. We watched the parade three times. IMG_0502She loved it so much!! Diva tip: Get there early to find the perfect spot to watch the parade. I was completely happy watching the parade that many times because I also loved it.

We also tackled the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. Boo loved seeing all the topiary gardens and going through the butterfly garden. We rode The Three Caballeros for the first time while here. She really liked it. One thing that changed from last time is that she is a little more sensitive to darkness so that was something that we had to deal with on this trip. But because I am such a Disney veteran, I knew what rides were dark and where the darkness was, so it was easy to handle. Diva Tip: If darkness is an issue for your child, this is something everyone  needs to be aware of.  If darkness is an issue, you may want to turn your phone on and let them do something. That is what we did with Boo;  I would IMG_0525turn on my phone and let her look at pictures.

Another thing that changed from our last trip is that Boo does not take her daily nap anymore. We tried the first day to go back and take a nap and she refused. So we would go to the parks all day and once she fell asleep we knew it was time to go back to the hotel and rest. She didn’t have a set time of when she went to sleep so everyday was different. Thankfully, we  did not have any melt downs. We planned everything well and gave her snacks throughout the day to keep her happy. Between Fastpasses and just waiting in line, we timed everything well. We didn’t wait over 30 minutes for anything.

As you can see, we had another amazing trip with Boo to WDW. She had so much fun and she didn’t want to leave IMG_0494at all. We told her it was time to go home and see mommy, but she said “no I wanna go to Mouse House”. Needless to say she is ready to go again. We had such a blast with everything. She did so much better with characters that we were able to meet Minnie Mouse, who she kept asking about, and she was so excited. I can’t wait until we get to take her again. As always, remember to have fun and Disney on.