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By: Disneylove Diva

002Last August I had the wonderful opportunity to take my two-year old niece, Bella (code name Boo), to Walt Disney World. I was so excited to take her I couldn’t stand it. Boo and I are very close and I knew that she was going to have the time of her life and I was correct. I always have fun at Disney no matter what but I had an amazing time with her. The following will include Boo’s favorite rides, tips for napping, and much more.

First up are Boo’s favorite rides. Of course since she was only two at the time, we didn’t do any roller coasters or dark rides. But I must say that the Magic Kingdom was probably her favorite park. Boo’s top 5 rides in all of WDW were the People Mover, Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan, Kilimanjaro Safari, and her number 1 ride was It’s a Small World. Don’t get me wrong she enjoyed every ride that we rode but these were the few that we rode multiple times. I highly recommend these rides for any one with kids at WDW.

001Next is the wonderful task of tackling nap time. Boo was already on a set schedule before we left. When 12:00 hit, she didn’t care where she was, she was taking a nap. But because we were already aware of this we knew how to schedule our busy days. We got up at 6:00 every morning, because Boo was up with the sun. We would go and get some breakfast and then head to the parks. As far as Fastpasses, I made most of them in the afternoons because the morning crowds weren’t bad and Boo didn’t mind waiting. So at about 11:00 Boo would start showing signs of getting sleepy, so by 11:30 every day we would be back on the bus heading to our resort. She would nap for about an hour and a half or so and then we would go back to the parks. Most kids have a set schedule of when they want to sleep, so keep an eye on the time while at the parks and you 003should be able to avoid meltdowns.

Speaking of meltdowns I was so shocked that Boo never had one. Boo is very close to her mommy and was gone from her for a whole week. I honestly thought that we were going to have a day of “I want mommy, I miss mommy.” But we never did. I believe it was because she was so preoccupied by everything going on around her that she didn’t have time to miss mommy. Again because we knew her schedule we were able to plan around nap and snack time and avoided meltdowns.

As far as doing night-time shows with Boo, we didn’t do them. We weren’t sure how Boo would react with loud fireworks 004so we didn’t chance it. However we did do parades. We watched both parades at the Magic Kingdom, the day and night ones, but we would leave just before the fireworks. Diva Tip: If you have small children with you, a great place to sit for parades and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom is up on the railroad station. If you get there early enough you can grab a couple of chairs and a small table for you and the kids to sit, relax, and enjoy the nighttime events. I found this was a great spot because they don’t turn the lights off up there so if your child is afraid of the dark no worries.

Another great idea for Disney with kids is if your child love animals take them to Animal 005Kingdom for sure. Boo loved being able to see all of the animals. We spent half of our day at Rafiki’s Conservation Station. She loved being able to pet all of the goats, sheep, and pigs that were in the petting zoo. But of course, Boo being Boo, had to literally kiss and hug every goat and sheep. Thankfully we were able to by-pass the pigs. I love how Disney had hand washing stations outside of the petting zoo. Needless to say, we needed them.

We will be taking Boo to Disney again this March and it will be probably be a whole new experience. Almost a year older, but every time she comes over she asks, “When are we going to Mouse House again?” She is very excited and so are we. I hope Boo’s first journey to WDW was 007able to inspire you to take a child that you know to WDW. As always remember to have fun and Disney on.