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by JollyFrogger Diva


Oh I Just Can't Wait To See These



One of the things I love most (and also occasionally dislike) about Walt Disney World is that things are constantly changing. While it can be frustrating to see a favorite show or attraction close, or find out some of your favorite rides are down for refurbishment during your trip, it also means that there’s almost always something new and exciting to do. My family only gets to visit Walt Disney World every few years, so there’s usually quite a few things we haven’t done before. This will be especially true for our upcoming visit, and here are some new (at least to me) things I can’t wait to see. To keep up with all the latest changing at Walt Disney World, check out Military Diva’s monthly Disney Travel News & Updates for May and April. 


1) Toy Story Land
I have always been a huge Toy Story Fan, so when I heard they were creating a whole new themed land at Hollywood Studios, I was definitely excited. I have not been to Hollywood Studios since construction actually started on this area, so it will be completely new for me when we go. I love the concept of shrinking down to toy size and exploring Andy’s back yard. My kids are both super excited to ride Slinky Dog Dash, even though I’m not sure my youngest will meet the height requirement just yet. After reading Tiki Diva’s review of breakfast at Woody’s Lunchbox, my mouth is watering at the though of those delicious Lunch Box Tarts as well as at the BBQ Brisket Melt on the lunch menu. The only downside I see to this area is the lack of shade- a few of us are quite fair-skinned and the idea of having to leave the area to find shade seems like it would be rather inconvenient. I’ll definitely be trying Soarin Diva’s strategies for Conquering Toy Story Land in an Hour or Less in hopes we can see everything in the morning, before the sun gets too brutal.

Oh I Just Can't Wait To See These

can’t wait to see them in Toy Story Land



2) Pandora- The World of Avatar
The last time we were at Animal Kingdom, we could see the floating mountains starting to take shape and both my husband and I were excited to know that the next time we visited we would be able to experience them up close. I think the idea of the this land is so unique and different, and I can’t wait to experience it for myself. After seeing all the glowing reviews, I am so excited to soar around Pandora on the back of a Banshee on Flights of Passage. We’ll definitely be visiting the land twice because I want to experience how it transforms from daytime to nighttime. My husband joked on our last trip that I could just drop him off in Pandora and pick him up at the end of the day- so it’s safe to say we’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time exploring this new and exciting land. You can check out out the Tips from the Disney Diva guide to Pandora- the World of Avatar to see reviews and tips from our Divas and Devos.


Oh I Just Can't Wait To See These

our first glimpse of Pandora- the World of Avatar



3) Disney Skyliner
This is a maybe for our upcoming trip, since there has not been an official opening date released at the time I am writing this. However, if it is open, I definitely plan to go for a ride. I know there are a lot of people who don’t like heights, but I have never been bothered by them. I am excited to see parts of Disney World from a new perspective although I am a little apprehensive at the idea of no air-conditioning in hot, sunny Florida. I’m also a little curious on how their operation schedule will be affected by Florida’s sometimes unpredictable weather, but like everything else, I’m sure Disney has a plan. Hopefully we’ll get to experience what it’s like to ride the Disney Skyliner on our upcoming trip so we can check out the newest way to get around at Walt Disney World.

Oh I Just Can't Wait To See These

Picture Courtesy of Disney Magic Diva



Some of you may notice that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is not on this list. While it is set to open at Disney World on August 29th, we do not have any plans to visit it this trip. Given how close the opening date is to our trip, we expect the large crowds and long waits to get into the land to still be an issue. My husband is definitely a Star Wars fan and my oldest daughter is also developing a love for the franchise, but we have decided that our dislike for long lines is greater. We will wait until our next trip to visit Galaxy’s Edge in hopes that the newness will have worn off just a little and the lines will be a bit more reasonable. However, if we find that we can get into the area and walk around and see the land on this trip without too much waiting in line, we probably will, I’m just not counting on it for this trip.


Is there anything new coming to or currently at Walt Disney World that you’re excited about? Has it been a long time since you visited and you want to check out what’s new? Contact Patricia at All for Dreams Travel for a free quote or to get help planning your next trip.