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Your feet will take a POUNDING when you’re at Disney World. You may walk as little as 3-5 miles during a day at Hollywood Studios to 12+ on an Epcot or Animal Kingdom Day. Each loop around World Showcase in Epcot is a mile!! So if you’ve not planned well and you’re going back and forth across the parks you’re going to ACHE.
The other problem is that its a pretty humid environment, which means your feet are going to get even more sweaty!! So here are a few Feet-Friendly tips for your next trip.
1) Get some good sneakers! I have to say honestly that there’s no way your feet aren’t killing in those flip flops after a day or two. Your arches are completely NOT supported!! Its smart to pack a pair of flip flops for the water rides or just to give your feet some time to cool off…but all day??? Thats gotta kill.
Make sure you give yourself at least a month in a NEW pair of sneakers prior to your trip. Its going to be really painful trying to break those babies in at WDW.
My husband wore some real Crocs (NOT IMITATION CHEAP ONES) and he said they were fine on him, but he also has really high arches. I saw a woman in mules and I thought she had to be about to DIE by the end of the day. Disney World is not a place for fashion statements, so make good footwear choices!!
#2. Get a Band-Aid Blister Block Stick. I personally use the blister stick almost every single day b/c it helps my day to day heels and flats not rub giant blisters on my feet. But at Disney World something like this is a must! Put your blister block on the bottoms of your feet, toes, and heels then put some moisture-wicking socks on top of that for happier, less blistered feet!!
#3) Moleskin can help – If you do begin to rub some places a little pink on your feet, then cut out some Moleskin as soon as possible to put on your tootsies. It will help to reduce the friction within your shoes and reduce pain and blisters.
Your feet are VERY important things on a trip to WDW. Its essential that you take good care of them b/c they can make your trip a REAL BUMMER if you dont.