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The Pinnochio Village Haus
By Dopey DivaThere are several different quick service dining areas to choose from in the Magic Kingdom but The Pinnochio Village Haus, located in Fantasy Land, is one of the few with an Italian themed menu.They offer soups and salads as an appetizer and several Italian main courses such as meatball subs, cheese, pepperoni, or BBQ chicken flatbreads, and pastas as well as chicken nuggets and Caesar salad with chicken.

Children can enjoy macaroni and cheese, PBJ uncrustables, or cheese or pepperoni pizza, all served with grapes, yogurt, and a beverage. Don’t forget that adults can order off the children’s menu if one of these appeals to you more or you just want to save some money.

The dessert choices are chocolate cake, chocolate or no sugar added mango gelato, or strawberry yogurt. The adult meals range in price from $7.69-$9.69 and the childrens meals are $5.49.

Since our last trip was planned last minute we chose the quick service only dining plan and decided to take a break and enjoy a dinner at The Pinnochio Village Haus. The restaurant has plenty of dining space and if it’s not too crowded you may be able to find a seat that overlooks It’s a Small World and wave to people boarding the ride.
I personally do not choose to sit there because I found a much better view!
DIVA TIP:  If you go up the stairs there is a very small dining area but there is also a door to the outside balcony where you can dine with an AMAZING view. That is where I chose to sit and this was our dining view.
 I personally did not like the food I ordered, I had the cheese flatbread, but my 2 year old did, so he ate mine and I ate his PBandJ uncrustable. I did, however, enjoy my chocolate gelato for dessert. My husband and his friend ordered the meatball subs and they were satisfied with them, but thought they could have been better.

Even though the food was not that great I really enjoyed sitting on the balcony with the view of the castle and carousel and would probably eat there again, but next time I will order the PBandJ for myself!