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Tucked off to the side of Tommorrowland is a magical little place that makes you shrink so that you can meet some of the smallest Disney characters. Pixie Hollow, which replaced Ariel’s Grotto, was built in 2008 to match the release of the first of many Disney Fairies movies. Here you get the chance to meet Tinkerbell and many of her friends. This works just like the Royal Fantasy Faire where characters cycle in and out at 45 minute intervals so you may never see the same characters twice. Though they try to keep Tinkerbell around more than her friends, it’s worth stopping by more than once to see who you can meet.
The que is magically decorated to make you feel like you are in the land of fairies. Water will magically shoot out from places and music and sounds come from unknown places. At the end there is a giant patch of grass where the fairies are waiting to meet you.
Not the best lighting, shoulda used a flash!
The first spot you meet a fairy can have some bad lighting (Diva Tip Warning!) so turn on your flash, even during the day to try and fill in some of the shadows. The second spot is the main spot and usually has two or more fairies for you to meet. Here there is a PhotoPass photographer but I always recommend also getting a few shots with your camera. Once you are done with these ladies you are magically returned to your original size so that you can go out and enjoy the park.
If you want to meet the fairies then I recommend heading here right when the park opens. The line won’t be very long, and this one can get pretty bad. If not, I always like to pack a lunch, so maybe you eat your lunch on the go as you wait in line and kill two birds with one stone. There is no Fast Pass so you are gonna have to wait this one out. Keep an eye on it during the day and try and hop in when the line seems it’s shortest. Either way and fairy fans are in for a real treat.