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By Pixie Hollow Diva

Top Disney World FastPass

Disney World is full of attractions for all ages.  In all four theme parks there are some rides that are much more popular than others.  Some of these rides have wait times ranging from 50 minutes all the way to over 200 minutes!  Disney World offers an option called FastPass+.  This allows you to reserve your spot for a ride between a certain time frame.  You can book three Fast Passes in advance but all in one park, 60 days before staying at a Disney Resort and 30 if staying off property.  If you are switching parks during the day due to a hopper pass, you need to choose which park you want to use your passes on.    Diva Tip: After you enjoy your third FastPass experience, you can use another one at an in-park kiosk which are conveniently located throughout the parks or on your mobile device. I have listed and explained my top choices!

Top Disney World FastPasses

If you are visiting Epcot, I have two choices which are also my favorite.  First off is Soarin’.  Although there are now two Soarin’ attractions, there is still a long wait time for both.  Frozen ever after located in Norway is also another ride with a long wait time, most of the time.  The ride is not big and exciting, but for any frozen fan it is a pretty cool attraction.  My daughters love it, so I always make sure the use a pass on this ride.  Diva Tip:  Head next door to the Frozen ride, you can meet Ana and Elsa.  It is in their “home” which is so nice and I have not experienced long wait times for this!

At Magic Kingdom I would make sure the FastPass Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!  This ride is extremely popular and usually always has a wait time of 90 minutes and more!  The roller coaster is fun and good for children depending on the height of your children. It is fast but not too scary, however my daughter is 6 and hates fast rides, so she won’t go on.  But if your family likes roller-coasters, use the Fastpass

Top Disney World FastPasses

Another Magic Kingdom pick for me would be Splash Mountain.  Splash Mountain is fun for everyone!  It is located in Frontier Land.  You have the chance of getting wet, more than others depending where you are seated in the “log”.  This is very popular and can help cool you down on a hot day.

Hollywood Studios has a lot to offer.  For older children and adults, I would definitely FastPass Rockin’ Rollercoaster.  This is one of the fastest rollers coasters!  I do not like fast like this ride but my family has done it and can’t get enough! If you are a fan of rollercoasters then this is your MUST DO since the wait times are always long,For Star Wars fans, I would see what sparks your interest and FastPass something.  Star Wars is becoming more popular as they are adding new attractions and meet and greets.  If you do not want to miss some experiences, you can use a FastPass for Star Tours, the ride.  They also have Launch Bay where you can meet your favorite Star Wars characters and see exhibits.

Top Disney World FastPasses

Animal Kingdom is becoming extremely popular even since Pandora opened this last Spring.  You would need a FastPass for Flights of Passage. Top Disney World FastPasses The wait times for this attraction has been hours!  Depending on the time you choose to go it may be a little less, but I do not think standing around waiting is an option, at least it is not for me!  I have two small children, so I did not check this out when I was recently there, but other families who traveled with us Fast Passed it and LOVED it!  I also like to FastPass the Kilimanjaro Safari. Top Disney World FastPasses

This is always do because my girls are young and will not do well waiting on line.  I also like to do as many attractions as possible that the four of s can go on together.  Sometimes I do not mind using my passes got some not so popular or very long wait time rides for this reason.

You can use your FastPasses for anything you like.  These are some of my top picks which are different from others.  Choose what you like and have fun!  Happy planning!

Need help planning?  Contact Patricia at All For Dreams Travel to help you plan your next Disney vacation!