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Top Disney World Coffee Picks
Yes, coffee and Disney, my TWO favorite things! ( well besides my husband and two kids haha!). I am an avid coffee drinker and love walking around Disney World with my favorite cup of joe! There’s a few places to grab coffee which I love.

Pixie Hollow Diva's Coffee Picks in Disney World

First off, I love making a fresh cup of coffee in our hotel room! I need my first cup the minute I get out of bed in the morning. So I set the coffee pot and have it ready to go for when I wake up. I get up and turn there coffee maker on and wait a few minutes. Now we usually have a room with a balcony so I take it and set outside alone and relax! It gives me that special “me” moment and I embrace that peacefulness. Reason being I know I do not have much time before everyone Else wakes up and the chaos begins! Even if you don’t have a balcony, no big deal! You can run down to the cafeteria and grab a cup! I did this a few years ago for a last minute Disney trip staying at All Star Movies. It sat on a bench either my infant at 6am enjoying the quiet as she drank a bottle! Now once in our travels around Disney I grab my next cup someplace! One of my favorite coffee chains at home are now located all through out Disney World, STARBUCKS!

Pixie Hollow Diva's Coffee Picks in Disney World

Starbucks has several location through out Disney World!.  This make it very convenient for all Starbucks lovers!  You can pay for your Starbucks orders with the mobile App on your phone if you have that.

Pixie Hollow Diva's Coffee Picks in Disney World
This is great because i always keep a good amount of money on the Starbucks App so i like that i can still use that in Disney World.  You can find Starbucks locations at:

Main Street Bakery in Magic KingdomStarbucks at Disney

Fountain View in Epcot

Trolly Car in Hollywood Studios

Creature Comforts in Animal Kingdom Park

Two at Disney Springs, Marketplace and West Side

Even though you can use your mobile App to pay at all locations, you can not redeems rewards at all location spots.  Currently you can only use Starbucks Rewards in Disney Springs West Side location since it is a retail store..  However, if you are on the Disney Dining plan you can use your snack credits at a Starbucks.  DIVA TIP: Any size Starbucks drink is considered a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. Go Venti!

My final favorite place to grab a FRESH coffee is Kona Island.                 Pixie Hollow Diva's Coffee Picks in Disney World

Kona Island is located right next to Kona Cafe inside Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  It is also at the monorail entrance of this hotel located on the second floor.  We always visit the Polynesian at some point during our vacation if we are not staying there at the time.  They have pure 100% Kona Coffee.  This is the best cup of coffee i have ever tasted!  For a size small it is around $4 per cup, but it is WORTH it!  My husband and I always try to grab at least a cup each while we are on vacation at Disney World!  If you get the time, definitely give it a try!

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