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By Jayship Earth

So you think you’ve found the “one”, the love of your life, the Lady to your Tramp, and you want to make it official.  And one of the many interests you share happens to be an (unhealthy?) obsession with the Disney parks? So where better to propose than Walt Disney World?

There are many routes you can go, and ultimately you have to decide what’s best for you, and most importantly, your significant other.  Would a big spectacle blow their mind, or would something more quiet and intimate be more their speed?

Let’s start small. Maybe it’s just a matter of finding that special spot on property and dr1044777_10151887721752603_1749160249_nopping down to one knee when the time is right. Is there a place that has special meaning in your relationship? In front of Cinderella Castle is a popular choice, but there are numerous hidden romantic locations around the parks. World Showcase offers many picturesque vistas, as do many of the hotels, such as the top of the Contemporary.  There are also numerous romantic restaurants on property, like the California Grill, Narcoossee’s and Le Cellier. No matter what place you choose, make sure you get assistance in getting great photos of the magic moment. Try giving your camera to a Photopass photographer, and while your special someone gets into place, drop to one knee and say the magic words. Another option is letting your server or the management of the restaurant know before dinner, and let them in on when you plan to pop the question.

1234645_10152193297658942_406202459_nNow if you want to get Disney involved in the event, there are several options you can go with. If you call Disney ahead of time, they can tell you what they offer. Most options are coordinated through the Disney florist. Flowers can be delivered to a room, or your ring can be placed in a glass slipper. You can also schedule private Illuminations cruises, or horse-drawn carriage rides. Disney will work with you to make the moment perfect, and the sky is the limit if you have to budget for it.

Personally, I proposed to my now wife Ashley, during a 2007 trip to the World. We had a dinner at the Coral Reef in Epcot booked, and I had remembered in the past seeing divers in the giant aquarium holding “Will You Marry Me” signs up during dinner. I called the restaurant well in advance, and coordinated it with the manager. This was a pretty common occurrence there, and they assured me it would be no problem. They asked me what I wanted written on the sign, and when I would like the diver to come by, and made sure we would be seated along the glass. They were incredibly helpful, and did it all free of charge. I wanted to add a little something extra to the whole thing, so ordered a glass slipper on a pillow of white carnations to place the ring in from the Disney florist, and had it delivered to the restaurant the day of our dinner.


The day came and we spent the morning in the Animal Kingdom. To this day my wife can’t believe I rode Expedition Everest several times with an engagement ring in my pocket, but I tend to do a lot of dumb things that seem good at the time.  As I took photos of Ashley feeding a hungry baby goat at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, panic took over as I realized the camera’s memory card was full. We were running out of time to make our ADR, but I said we needed to get back to our resort for a new memory stick (let that be lesson). Luckily Ashley didn’t question my frantic need to take pictures at Epcot that particular night, and we hurried to the room and made it to the Corral Reef just in time.

After we were seated, I excused myself to the restroom. I met with the restaurant manager who confirmed both the divers, and that my glass slipper had arrived. I gave her the ring, and my camera. During appetizers, a scuba-suit Mickey made a rare appearance swimming through the tank. As he passed our table, a crowd of children in pirate make-up and princess dresses surrounded our table to get photos. I prayed the divers with the sign would hold off, otherwise I’d have to fight my way through a sea of toddlers to get down on one knee.

DSC03377Mickey ventured back behind the corral, but soon returned minutes later with two human divers beside him. As they came right to the glass in front of our table, Ashley remarked how it seemed like they swam straight at us. One of the divers pulled a rolled up sign from his belt and held it to the front; “Ashley, I love you. Will you marry me?” (good thing she knew it was from me, and not a random scuba-diver professing his love). I turned to see the manager holding the glass slipper for me, and our server snapping photos. I took the ring from the slipper, and before I could recite my whole proposal speech, Ashley said a tearful yes. As we hugged and kissed, the restaurant applauded for us, an awesome reaction I wasn’t expecting.

DSC033793Everything worked out perfect, and Ashley was blown away by the whole thing. A guest at another table even stopped by later to congratulate us, and mention he was a preacher and could marry us right there on the spot, but we opted take our time with the wedding process. I later found out Mickey was only in the tank that day because of a previously held private event at The Living Seas, and we were really lucky that he joined in on the proposal.

So, however you choose to do it, you’ll know what’s right for you and your future spouse. And whether you go small or want to ride in a parade float down Main Street, Disney will do their best to accommodate your needs. And really, how can it be anything less than magical when you’re in the happiest place on earth with the person you love most?