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By British Diva

Walt Disney World is the “Happiest Place on Earth”.  But…when you entertain millions of guests each year; unfortunately that laughter does sometimes turn into tears…….

A valuable lesson: When in America, do as the Americans do…….

British people will grumble, gripe & grouse to one another; but more often than not won’t actually make any complaints!

An absolute age will be spent mithering (fussing) about a given situation, however normally most of us don’t deal with an issue right as it’s happening.  Of course this isn’t because we don’t know how to complain – it comes as a result of not wishing to cause any unnecessary drama, draw attention to ourselves or heaven forbid; cause any embarrassment!

A great deal can be learnt from observing our American cousins…..they notify their hosts immediately of any concerns with the standard of a meal, the service, or the accommodation etc..etc..

If you have received anything less than you expected from Disney’s legendary flawless service, attention to detail or you just haven’t been impressed by the normally impeccable skills of Mousekeeping; then you MUST let a Cast Member know – pronto.

The majority of Cast Members love Disney & adore their jobs; most will genuinely go out of their way to make your stay completely magical; just as Walt intended!

British Divas’s 4 Steps of Complaint…..

1) Politely raise your complaint with the Cast Member who is assisting or waiting on you. If Mousekeeping is the issue then you should direct those concerns to the Resort’s front desk.  Always take note of the CM’s name.
2) If for whatever reason the Cast Member isn’t qualified, is unable or simply does not provide what you believe to be a satisfactory resolution; request to speak directly with the Manager or at the very least a Duty Manager.
3) There should always be a Manager available to listen to your concerns.
In the event that there isn’t; request the Manager’s full name & direct dial telephone number.  Call; free of charge (toll) from your Resort room and leave a voice message with a brief outline of your complaint.
The Manager will return your call.  In my experience Disney management welcomes your feedback and will be happy to swiftly resolve any genuine issues.
4) If you are the unlucky 1:million guest who is unable to get a swift & satisfactory settlement to your grievance whist you are still resident at WDW; I advise you to compose an email to Disney Guest Services as soon as you arrive back home –   
Again, in my experience your correspondence will be responded to appropriately. 

I’m a little old school in the fact that I like to write personal letters & post (mail) them to:
Walt Disney World Guest Relations
 FAO *EXAMPLE – insert – Manager of **** Resort/Restaurant etc* 
PO Box 10000
Lake Buena Vista
Florida 32830


If you would prefer to contact someone over the phone at Walt Disney World (sometimes the quickest way to resolve matters, click here for a list of helpful phone numbers.)

*** Also, please remember, we are a fan site. As much as we would love to personally help each and every one of you, we are not employed by Disney and have no control over your situation. All we can do is empathize with you, and offer our condolences along with the email, addresses, and phone numbers mentioned above. We truly wish that your dilemma is resolved as soon as possible, and are sorry that there is a need for this article at all. We hope it has been helpful to you, and best of luck with resolving the matter!

And one final note: Please Remember; Don’t Forget…..

Quote Names, Be Reasonable – Be Polite – Be Nice  & Smile – even though you are making a complaint!
On the other hand….if a Cast Member goes way and above the call of duty to assist you, be sure to take their name and write a complimentary email or letter to Guest relations at the above addresses.   Everyone loves praise!

“What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” Walt Disney