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by Military Diva

I know, I almost feel silly writing this.  Quiet time and Magic Kingdom just don’t seem to go together.  Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is a sensory overload destination full of lights and sounds.  It is a jungle of motion and constant energy.

Magic Kingdom is not the place to expect any quiet time.

But then again it is Disney- they think of everything! I am going to share with you the locations of two “secret”, quiet refuges.  (Shhh, please don’t tell!)

There is a place, a beautiful place, where the crowds tend to thin out (and are often non-existent); and another where you can literally escape the energy of the park.


Let’s take a look at a map of Magic Kingdom so I can point out these “hidden” treasures.

Hidden Walkway in Magic Kingdom

Hidden Walkway in Magic Kingdom

First, please direct your gaze to both Space Mountain and Storybook Circus Railroad entrances.

Do you see it?  Can you find the path that runs beside the railroad tracks?

Look closely to find the secluded path.

Look closely to find the secluded path.

This is my secret refuge!

Starting directly to the left of Space Mountain’s Gift shop entrance there is a beautifully manicured path void of attractions and vending.  It has wide walking areas, benches and a tranquil view that is the perfect spot to escape the craziness sometimes found within Magic Kingdom. I’m not sure why, but this area is usually empty of the heavy crowds found in other areas of the parks.  It offers a great space to let your toddlers out of the stroller to walk (skip or dance) off some of their energy in safety.

It also offers a peaceful refuge to sit and rest, enjoy a snack or catch a glimpse of the waving conductor as the train chugs by.  This is a great place to stop and catch your breath, if only for a moment.

**I must mention that there are two designated smoking areas along the path. Being unpopulated and in such an open area, the smoke is tolerable as you pass.**

Now if you are looking for someplace a little more secluded, head towards Frontierland!

Tom Sawyer's Island in Magic Kingdom

Tom Sawyer’s Island in Magic Kingdom

Hiding between Fantasyland and Frontierland is another hidden gem of both exploration and tranquility.  Tom Sawyer’s Island, a fun area dedicated to the writings of Mark Twain and the American Frontier, is an area that often goes unnoticed by many guests.

Yet this attraction is one that should not be passed by.

Guests wanting to visit Tom Sawyer’s Island begin their journey across from Splash Mountain in Frontierland.  (Yellow star) Floating, rustic barges carry guests across the river and back in time.

Close up view of Tom Sawyer's Island

Close up view of Tom Sawyer’s Island

You are carried back to a period of dusty hiking trails, hidden caves and primitive play areas where kids are free to explore, climb and jump.  Most notably though, you enter a time period when the trees were massive and untouched by our development.

Tom Sawyer’s island is covered in large trees that provide shade and protection from the warm Florida sun.

There are countless areas where hidden benches are waiting for tired guests.  And Aunt Polly’s, an eatery only open on certain occasions, has a shaded porch full of old-fashioned rocking chairs. This is great place to sit back and enjoy a snack (that you’ve brought with you).  It is an even better place to rock and relax before heading back into the crazy frenzy of Magic Kingdom.

Find time to rest and relax during your next Disney vacation.

Find time to rest and relax during your next Disney vacation.

As a mom of four, I have certainly witnessed my fair share of childhood meltdowns.  I am well aware of the dangers of over-tired, over-scheduled toddlers.  And we all know how quickly a teenager’s aching feet and lack of sleep can take down the vacation mood.  So as you plan out your Fast Passes, schedule your dining reservations and fill your day with all things Disney remember to also include a few moments to relax.

Take the time to explore the Storybook Circus Railway Path and Tom Sawyer’s Island.  You won’t regret planning for a little Magic Kingdom Quiet Time!