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By: Disneylove Diva

315  Show you’re adventurous side and take a step into the Rainforest! The Rainforest Café that is. This exciting restaurant found in Downtown Disney has one of the best atmospheres of all the Disney restaurants. It really feels like you are in the Rainforest and it has everything- great food, great service, great variety, and of course a gift shop! The Rainforest Café is different from every restaurant at Walt Disney World. It isn’t a character dining, but it still has a lot character in it. So be prepared to step foot in the Rainforest Café and see what adventurous dining feels like.

What’s it like? The Rainforest Café really is exciting. Every ten minutes all of the animals come to life and every twenty minutes a thunder-storm comes through the cafe. No matter how hard you look, every time you go you will find something new. I have eaten 323there five times and each time has been a different experience. That is why I always go back. Diva Tip: Make Reservations. The Rainforest Café can draw a huge crowd of people so reservations are recommended. If you don’t have reservations don’t panic. I have been a few times without reservations and only had to wait about twenty minutes. But, while you wait you can walk around the gift shop which also has animals that come to life and a talking tree.

Why eat here? People don’t go to the Rainforest Café just for the atmosphere, but also go for the amazing food. The Rainforest Café has a wide variety of food that will please the entire family. From steak to chicken, the Rainforest Café has it all. This 322restaurant serves lunch and dinner. The menu is the same for both lunch and dinner. Each entree from the menu will leave you full and wanting more. Even the kids menu would be satisfying for adults. There is  a bar for the adults who are wanting to have a nice drink and maybe watch some sports. I find the bar stools the be quite amusing. This is because each bar stool is the tail end of animals. So when someone sits on the stools it looks like they are half human half animal. Just a little humor I find every time I eat at the Rainforest Café.  Not only is it great food, but great prices as well. Attention Annual Pass Holders! You can receive a discount at the Rainforest Café with your Annual Pass. You will definitely be pleased with the great service that comes with this great restaurant. The servers here have great personalities and keep your drinks full. These workers strive to make your visit to the Rainforest Café super special and want you to leave happy.

325 Because this is a Disney restaurant there will of course be a Hidden Mickey. The Rainforest Café only offers one Hidden Mickey, but is hard to find. I will give you a clue, it is before you enter the restaurant itself. Because of its indoor dining and great food, the Rainforest Café attracts a lot of attention. It is very plain to see why the Rainforest Café is one of the best places to eat at Walt Disney World. Everyone in the family will love the atmosphere and food that the Rainforest Café.