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by Pin Trading Diva

Star Wars Land is coming and that means we have to lose some special parts of our park.  But with the help of the Force, we can give a well deserving good bye to one of these hidden gems: Big Thunder Ranch  and it’s BBQ ( I guess it will be BB-8 themed soon!)

087Hidden in the back of Frontierland, behind Big Thunder Mountain hides a wonderful little southern belle:  a petting zoo filled with furry little horses, lambs, and goats like this rambunctious feller right here. Most people don’t even know this is back here – but once you find it it’s a wonderful little spot. Kids can play with the  animals and Jessie and Woody come out for pictures making this quite a round up!




And of course right next door is the delicious all you can eat restaurant Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, open for lunch and dinner. Reservations are required for this experience and be prepared to pay $15-30 per adult for Lunch and $30-60 per adult for Dinner. The price may not be cheap, but smelling the aroma of good ole country cookin’ draws you in to this family style meal. You sit down at picnic benches and order your drinks – sweet tea is a favorite of mine. Then before you know it, buckets upon buckets of warm food start to come your way! You’ve got the meaty treats of chicken and ribs. I personally don’t like BBQ sauce, and the chicken comes with a light seasoning which is perfect for my taste. The ribs however are packed with saucy goodness! Then you get coleslaw in a tangy dressing, warm corn bread with honey butter, and finally bring on the baked beans! Did I mention this is all unlimited? That’s right – it’s never ending BBQ done right. My mom and I ordered several buckets of white meat chicken as we filled ourselves up and my oh my it was tasty!


081There is more of an ambiance to your southern meal than just the food too. Every 10-15 minutes or so a Cowgirl and / or a Cowboy make their way onto a festive stage to entertain you. They sing some classic country songs, with a Disney twist of course, and even involve certain guests. My mom and a cute little 3 year old were invited on stage for a complimentary birthday song and a chance to ring the birthday triangle in front of everyone – it was a hoot! After they perform, they make their way from table to table just chatting with guests – my mom got a special photo to commemorate the occasion. Everyone seems very personable here at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ.





Don’t think your stomach is getting full just yet – wait until you’ve had dessert! They offer many skillet sized desserts like a Smore’s Bake consisting of a decadent brownie covered in marshmallows and graham crackers as well as and Cookie Sundae made up of a giant homemade chocolate chip cookie with HUGE mounds of ice cream on top.  These desserts take time to make so ordering early on in the meal is ideal – and be prepared to share. Advertised as a serving for two hungry people really means 4-5 people can share no problem. But watching them pour that hot fudge on top just might make your mouth water and make you want to keep it all to yourself!


089Dining here at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ has come to a close.  I know I truely miss this small gem of an area – but I have some fond memories to remind me of what used to be!


So long partner!