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By Fantasmic Diva
There is a new show in Disneyland; it resides in Fantasyland and it sure is a fantasy to behold. It incorporates some of the newer characters in the world of princesses. By newer, I mean Pocahontas to Tangled. It also brings in friends from the Jungle Book and the two main characters of the Fantasia short, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Yen Sid is making a magical map of all of the lands of the Disney kingdom and his apprentice, none other than our favorite mouse, of course, wants to help!

There is a pesky dot who does not want to be painted to make the Map complete and it takes the audience and Mickey to wonderful imaginative lands to visit lots of amazing characters, like Pocahontas, Mulan, Rapunzel and Flynn and Princess Tiana and many more outside of the princess domain! It’s full of amazing magic, dancing and music that takes everyone inside their favorite Disney movies. Eventually Mickey learns that in order to preserve the magic, the map will never be finished and Yen Sid officially makes him a map maker!

It’s a really amazing show with excellent choreography and no villains or scary parts, so it’s good for Disney fans of all ages! Really bright colors, amazing technology and totally engaging! I recommend it for everyone! It’s a show not to be missed at the new Fantasyland in Disneyland! The show runs 23 minutes long total. I would recommend getting there a little early to get a good seat though! There is a show schedule for every day on the Disneyland website and on the mobile magic app, so you will always know when the next show is! So if you are heading to Disneyland in California, do not miss this amazing new show. It’s a great time to rest, enjoy amazing Disney entertainment and spend time with family!