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by Superhero Diva

New in 2017 Disneyland opened The Skyline Lounge on May 26th.  This was exciting to me because who doesn’t want yet another dining option at Disneyland especially with the word “lounge” in the title!

A review of: Disneyland's skyline lounge

Disney describes it as:

“Tower above Tomorrowland wile unwinding over refreshments with family and friends.
Pining for the perfect spot to chill? Visit the balcony lounge of the Tomorrowland Expo Center, a breathtaking viewing location glimpse of the evening’s scheduled fireworks spectacular – right from your seat!

Ticketed Guest’s receive a tasty boxed treat containing seasonal fruits, cheese and assorted sweets, plus a choice of hot or cold non-alcoholic beverages. Whether you choose to enjoy the respite or come and go as you please, it’s the ultimate way to cap off thrill-filled days at Disneyland Park!”

Sounds pretty awesome, right?!
So here are some details:
Cost: $45 per person
Reservations: Yes
Hours Available: only 8-10pm
View of Fireworks: Yes, you can see them, unless you are seated on the very back-end of the terrace.
Passholder Discount: No
Food & Drink: One tray of goodies per paid guest and unlimited hot and cold beverages.
Extras: Complimentary blankets, board games, phone chargers and lightsabers for the kids to use while there.
Also Mickey and Minnie are known to appear and hang out with guests (not guaranteed).

I had the luxury of going to the Skyline Lounge myself in early November 2017. For me, it was a “luxury” at the $45 per person price tag. But what we did is instead of eating our one “sit down” restaurant meal a day (we do when on vacation in the parks) we opted to experience The Skyline Lounge in its place.
From the beginning it was a very pleasant experience. We checked in at a kiosk near the Pizza Port in Tomorrowland, paid and was given a special lanyard (to keep). You wear this lanyard because during the lounge hours of 8-10 pm you are allowed to come and go as you please and the special lounge lanyard is your ticket back in.
Once we walked up the long ramp up the expo building you are greeted by friendly cast members handing you a pre-packed tray of goodies and many beverage options for you to choose from (no alcohol).  You and your family are then escorted to your “seats” which are very modern looking, white outdoor couches and tables that are lit with different colors.
Diva Tip: Now just a heads up, you may have to share part of your “table area” with another family depending on how the seating is arranged. It is a lounge setting with more couches than tables.

Now, it’s time to see what goodies are in your pre-packed tray.
Inside your “Interstellar Box” as Disney calls it you receive:

  • Mickey Cloud Cake: Cream-filled sponge cake
  • Chocolate Eclipse: Cream-filled chocolate cake drenched in chocolate
  • Coconut Comet: Coconut-strawberry iced sponge cake filled with cream
  • Planetary Pie: Mini cherry-filled pie
  • Moon Rocks: Boursin herbed cheese, cream cheese, shredded cheddar and jack cheese, chives, pimentos and bacon

Tray of all the yummy goodiesI have to tell you that all of these goodies were AMAZING!
My daughter, who is 9, loved everything and surprisingly her favorite was the Moon Rocks.

Loaned blanket at the Skyline Lounge

Loaned blanket at the Skyline Lounge

From our seat we could see a nice view of Tomorrowland all lit up at night, it’s a decent view I think, especially of the Matterhorn mountain.  We ended up staying the whole 2 hours which i know many people probably won’t do.  But we had such a nice time relaxing and resting our legs from a previous day in the parks and we had been up since 3:30am to run the Superhero 5k all that same day. So we took it all in, the sights, food, many cups of hot chocolate and coffee.
While we relaxed we were so happy to see Mickey and Minnie hand in hand walk right up to us. We were able to take pictures with them both and they went to every guest in the lounge.  After we thought they had left we walked to the main table to retrieve some beverage refills and saw Mickey and Minnie playing outdoor Jenga with a few guests! it was so fun to watch and shared many laughs with the guests who were also watching.
Towards the end of our visit of the lounge we were anxiously waiting for the fireworks to start and had no idea how much of the fireworks show we would be able to enjoy. It was almost 9;30pm and it was starting to get pretty chilly out in the lounge and in other times of year I could see it getting a little breezy too.
Diva Tip: Make sure to bring a jacket or small blanket for the kids, it does get quite chilly being so high up and outside in the lounge. However, The Skyline Lounge does provide blankets to barrow only by request.

We were able to see the fireworks show and hear the music pretty well from the lounge area. You cannot see the castle but that was alright.  It was so nice to be sitting high up on a nice couch, sipping coffee, wrapped up in my borrowed lounge blanket and taking pictures. Watching the fireworks was so much nicer from the lounge, I didn’t have to stand in the same spot forever, bumping into people constantly and then spend 30 minutes just trying to walk anywhere with the crowd. When it was all over we just causally walked right over and rode the Matterhorn.

Fireworks from Skyline Lounge

Fireworks from Skyline Lounge

More fireworks from the Skyline Lounge

More fireworks from the Skyline Lounge

So is The Skyline Lounge worth experiencing….in my option, definitely, but as a “special” thing to do.
For many with us that have families the cost could be a bit high. But for a special activity, occasion or substitute for another experience I would definitely recommend at least enjoying The Skyline Lounge, at least once…

Are you hungry yet? If so, give Patricia at All for Dreams Travel a call, and she will help you plan the perfect trip to enjoy Disneyland and the Skyline Lounge!