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"Rope Drop" and Other Disney Terms to Learn to Help You Speak the Language
By Tinker Belle Diva

Disneyland Buzz Lightyear

Be the first in line to Buzz Lightyear after Rope Drop to see your photo as the Top Space Ranger!

I was recently out at dinner with my family talking about our upcoming trip to Disneyland. I exclaimed something like “Rope Drop every day!!!” and my daughter, the one that is the apple that didn’t fall far from my tree, said to me, “What is Rope Drop?”. I was flabbergasted. Apparently I sometimes forget that even my clone doesn’t eat, sleep and breathe Disney every moment. If you aren’t sure what Rope Drop is either and why I would be excited about that, this article is for you. I bring you Disney Vocabulary terms to help you plan your vacation and speak the language once you are there.

Rope Drop – Each park has published opening times, but typically they will let guests into an area, such as Main Street, U.S.A., prior to that opening time. But at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. there will be areas blocked by ropes and you cannot proceed beyond them until that published opening time. There typically is an announcement just a few minutes before that time, welcoming you and reminding you not to run to your next destination. At the opening time the rope will “drop”, or more typically the Cast Members will slowly move the rope to guide you towards your destination so you don’t run, and off you go to enjoy your day! Getting there prior to Rope Drop is a big time saver because lines for attractions tend to be slow build, and you can check many rides off your list in the first 1-2 hours after Rope Drop.

Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Cast Members chEARing during the Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Cast Members – I mentioned that in the paragraph above. Cast Members, or CMs when abbreviated, are what each and every employee is called. Walt Disney believed that his theme parks were like a movie set, and that each employee was part of the ‘cast’ in that movie. Their goal is to keep that magic alive for each guest that visits a theme park, stays in a hotel, and dines in a restaurant.

Guests – That’s you! Just like Cast Members, you are not just someone visiting a theme park or another customer. You are their guest!

Quick Service – Simply put, this is a restaurant that provides counter service meals. No reservations are required, but many of them allow you to order your food ahead via their app on a mobile device. At these locations, your order your food at a counter or order ahead via mobile, wait for the meal, and bring it to a table – basically like a fast food restaurant. If you are going to Walt Disney World, check out Canadian Diva’s tips on Quick Service Dining plans.

Advanced Dining Reservation – Often abbreviated ADR, the Advanced Dining Reservation is one that you make prior to your trip to a sit-down or Table Service restaurant. At Walt Disney World, you can make an ADR 180-days before your trip, while it is 60-days ahead of your trip at Disneyland. There are many coveted ADRs, ones that are hard to get, and many trip planners and travel agents are logging in at that 180-day mark to make sure they obtain the ADRs that will make their trip extra magical.

Park Hopper – this is a ticket that allows you to visit more than one park in a single day. A Park Hopper ticket will cost more than a ticket that allows you to visit only one park per day. At Disneyland, park hopping is as simple as walking across the Esplanade in less than 5 minutes. At Walt Disney World, it will require rides on busses and/or monorails and can take 20 minutes to over an hour between parks. The decision on when to pay extra for this option will depend on the length of your vacation and how much time you want to spend in each park.

Paradise Pier Hotel DCA View

Stay on-property to have views like this at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

On-Property and Off-Property – This is in reference to hotels. On-Property means you are staying at a hotel that is owned by Disney. There are many to choose from at Walt Disney World, while there are only three at Disneyland. Off-Property is any hotel that is not owned by Disney. Guests of on-property hotels may have access to perks and services that anyone staying off-property cannot access. Passholder Diva explains why she will never stay off-property again.

Extra Magic Hours – this is a perk available only to guests staying on-property. It is a time period either before a park opens or after it closes when only guests of an on-property hotel can be in the specific park. Extra Magic Hours change to a different park each day, and at Walt Disney World, it can change be in the morning or at night, while at Disneyland parks it is only in the morning.

Do you have any more words or terms that you have heard and need defined? Just reply in the comments and we will help!

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