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I was at my sons first Orthodontist appointment on Tuesday and somehow got into a conversation with his (awesome) Orthodontist about Walt Disney World. I told her I have a tip blog and give her the Disney Diva website address. ‘Then she asks me, “What is a fast pass?”

THAT comment is what sparked this three-part post! It’s a lot of information for one post. This post will cover letters A-E

You see, frequent Disney visitors have their own language that we totally understand, but people who are first time visitors (which is MOST of the people reading this blog) can’t possibly know what the heck we are talking about. It must be like McDonald’s “McSpeak”, or the military’s obsession with acronyms.

So today my family and I brainstormed some of the more frequently used terms that probably need to be defined for Disney newbies. Here’s what we came up with.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – A “salon” of types to bring your “little princess” to get her hair, makeup, and even nails done. You can read all about it at THIS link.

Cast Members – This is what Disney calls all of their employees. Whether they are changing bed-sheets, serving your food, or giving you a tour.

Character Meal – A sit down meal, that normally requires reservations, where either “costume characters” or “face characters” move from table to table while you are eating. They normally have an established pattern. If you ask your waiter where they are in the character rotation. You can read more about Character Meals at THIS link.

Character Greeting – A specific location where “costumed characters”, “face characters” and their “handlers” meet to sign autographs. Sometime this is in a building or right out side of one, some times you have a “pop up” greeting where you can get an autograph.

Costumed Characters – Costumed Characters are ones that wear full headpieces. For example: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Chip & Dale. You can not see any part of the person in costume when they are “costumed”.

Counter Service (also called Quick Service) – Counter Service are essentially the “fast food” locations inside of a park or resort. They do not require reservations. Mostly burgers, fries, hotdogs, chicken, stuff like that.

Deluxe Resort – The most expensive of the three levels of “normal” resorts. Resorts include: Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL), Beach Club, Boardwalk, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Wilderness, Yacht Club Villas. The big pay off to the Deluxe Resorts are their extremely close proximity to a park. (Epcot or Magic Kingdom)

E-ticket -the phrase E ticket (or E ticket ride) derives from the admission ticket system used at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom theme parks before 1982, in which the E ticket (officially termed “E coupon”) admitted the bearer to the newest, most advanced, and/or most popular rides and attractions. (Wikipedia) So any of the extremely old school rides are sometimes referred as E-ticket attractions. Examples: Dumbo, Peter Pan, Small World, Jungle Cruise.

Extra Magic Hours – Guests who are staying “on property” (in a Disney resort) are allowed to enter designated parks early or stay late. You can find out when EMH (extra magic hours) are at THIS link.

Alright – I’ve whet your appetite now…

I’ve got TWO more of these Dictionary Park Terms Defined defined.

The next post deals with letters F-M, and the last post covers letters O-Z.

If YOU have a Disney term you want some more information on leave me a comment and if I don’t already have it scheduled in I will ABSOLUTELY add it!

Thanks for reading! More definitions coming!!!