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By Undercover DivaLocated across from the Rivers of America and in between the entrance and exit for Pirates of the Caribbean is a cute little window service restaurant that has some of the best gumbo you will ever eat. Simply walk up to one of the two windows and order from their selection. It’s a little different from the typical meal place in the park, but it has a lot of personality. The shop has been around forever, but became pretty popular after the release of The Princess and the Frog in 2009. I guess after watching Tiana make that swamp gumbo, everybody wanted to see what it was like! I know I was one of those people and I was surprised to find my new favorite meal spot!

There isn’t much on their menu, but it keeps things simple especially since the line can get long. Also, keep in mind there is almost no seating in that area. Sometimes I’ve been lucky and someone will be getting up right when I want to sit down, but if you walk towards Cafe’ Orleans there are some more tables between there and French Market Restaurant. But, the limited seating is worth it to eat their delicious food. Both their chowder and their gumbo is served on a sourdough bowl which somehow makes it even better.
What’s on the menu:
Creamy Clam Chowder $9.25
Steak Gumbo $9.25
Vegetarian Gumbo $9.25
A Trio of New Orleans Fritters $3.69
Soda $2.99 for Regular and $3.49 for Large
Apple Juice, Orange Juice or Low-Fat Milk $1.79
Hot Cocoa or Coffee (regular and decaf) $2.79
or Travel Mug filled with your choice $5.79
Café Mocha Tall $3.59, Grande $4.19
Café Latte Tall $3.49, Grande $3.99
Cappuccino Tall $3.49, Grande $3.99
Espresso Single $2.49 Double $3.19
Iced Café Mocha $4.19
Iced Café Latte $3.99
The clam chowder is pretty typical. I’m a clam chowder fan myself and it wasn’t the best I had ever tasted, but it was pretty good. The steak gumbo is also good, but it is actually a little spicy. I can’t take spice very well and I was glad it wasn’t me who bought it, I just tried some of my friends. My favorite is the vegetarian gumbo. It does have a little bit of a kick to it, but it’s perfect for those colder nights and it is just spicy enough to warm you up. I would be wary of giving younger kids the steak gumbo and I recommend if you are going to give them the vegetarian gumbo that you try it first. But, trust me, I know plenty of 3 year-old that have more spice tolerance than me. The hot cocoa is yummy, but it’s what you can get anywhere in the park and same with the coffee.
If you are lucky enough to go on a not so crowded day, you might also be able to sit down and enjoy your meal and watch Fantasmic at the same time. There are stairs up to the Disneyland Dream Suite that can get in the way but there is some seating with an unblocked view. This is a nice alternative to sitting on the ground or standing during the show.The next time you are in New Orleans square, check out the Royal Street Veranda!