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By D’land Diva

This week, the months of waiting came to an end for many coffee lovers- the new Starbucks location within Disneyland opened. Since the announcement of its opening, there have been some mixed feelings expressed online from many Disneyland fans. Like many, I was worried about a “big business” on Main Street.

The Market House with Starbucks

I must admit, that the outside of the building is quite well themed. There is no large Starbucks sign and in fact, if you were not aware of the Starbucks insignia, you might not know it was a Starbucks location until you walked inside. There is a large coffee display on the outside of the building, but a small “Starbucks” with the insignia printed on the window.

The former space was also a coffee shop, that served candies and fudge as well. It also contained a small shop. With the space redesigned and reconfigured (i.e. Some space was added by combining different formally occupied spaces) the new coffee shop appears to be HUGE.  The line space seems to take up the majority of the room. This is not a bad thing. I’m guessing Imagineers learned from the Starbucks location that opened in California Adventure-people love their Starbucks coffee and crowds can be an issue.

Coffee and More!

There are multiple registers at the front of the store with several display cases for guests to peruse. Display cases include bags of coffee for guests to purchase and take home, fresh fruit and a few other goodies. A refrigerated case stands in the middle of the room and has bottled drinks, fresh cut up fruit, yogurt, juice and milk for purchase.  Up towards the cash registers where your order is placed, you will find another display case with pastries and the coffee menu. The choice of pastries is very similar to many Starbucks locations: cake pops, croissants and Danishes. But, because this is Disneyland, you will also find Mickey shaped cookies and a few of the special Disney pastry items that one might have seen at the former Blue Ribbon Bakery or the current Jolly Holiday Bakery (which is at the end of Main Street).

The coffee selection is just like any other Starbucks location, so if you have a favorite, you will find it here! For the most part, the prices don’t seem to terribly much more expensive, just a few cents.

Now, for the best part: Some of the old elements that made the Market House so special have remained in the space. The old stove still sits to the side of the room. The party line phones are still on the wall. The checkers game is still set up in the corner. There is also a new charming space off the main part of the store. This space is a “library dining room.” While not a real library, it is nicely themed like one and features tables and chairs in which to relax and may even do some people watching.

Diva Tip:  There is not much seating inside, so you may want to have one person wait in line and one person grab a table.

On your next Disneyland trip,  I suggest you check out the new Starbucks location on Main Street U.S.A. It is on the corner on the right hand side of the street as you enter Disneyland- just about half way down the street.