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Vanellope's Sweets

By: Pixie Hollow Diva

Whenever you take a cruise, whether it is Disney or another line, not all things are included in your price.  Cruises offer many different things through out their ships that cost extra.  Alcohol, special treats and certain restaurants are among the few things.  On the Disney Dream cruise ship there is a special shop for all your sweets lovers!  It is called Vanellope’s Sweets.  This shop is themed around Wreck-It-Ralph, which is a fun theme!

Sweets and Treats Vanellope

Once you enter the shop there is a large car replica of Vanellope’s race car.  There is a candy theme background behind it.  The car is large enough for kids to sit on it and take a picture.  My girls loved this!  There is also a figure of King Candy, the “bad guy” from the movie that you can pose next to.   There is also a spot where the famous Vanellope is being silly and hanging upside down from a candy cane.

                                                               Sweets and Treats Vanellope's

Since Vanellope, the little girl from Wreck-It-Ralph is based on her love for sweets and her candy race car, this is the perfect name for a sweet shop!  This shop is not included at all in your cruise price.  Everything inside this shop is extra charge.  They do have a big variety of fresh treats as well as Disney packaged goods.

The fresh treats that you can purchase like you would at your own local bakery include many fun cupcakes, cookies and candy.  These items are inside a bakery case and you can choose your favorite!  My two young girls love unicorns, so of course we chose to try a unicorn cupcake.  Everything on this cupcake was edible, all made from fondant.  We also decided to try the Mickey shaped chocolate covered brownie.

Sweets and Treats Vanellope                                                                                                       Sweets and Treats Vanellope

These two treats were delicious and worth the little extra spending. I love macaroons so how could I resist trying those?  I caved and tried two and they were perfect!  All the items that are available list the prices and exactly what the item is.  This is helpful because some of the treats are so decorated or covered in chocolate it may be hard to know what the item really happens to be.

Sweets and Treats VanellopeIt is great that the shop also shows the pricing for each item.  This is good because when it comes to certain things, my daughters are young and tend to waste a lot of it.  This works out because I know what the price is, and I can either agree to purchase it or have them chose a different item.  I do not like to throw money out the window, especially if it might be a treat I would not eat if they did not happen to finish it.  I did not think the prices were any higher than my local bakery at home in New Jersey.  Local bakeries here charge a few dollars for specialty items too!  They also have your Disney packaged goods all along the other side of the store.

Sweets and Treats Vanellope

On the side wall inside the store, all your packaged goods are displayed.  This is perfect for those who want to bring items home with them.  It is always fun to bring Disney treats home to enjoy once your trip is over!  On this display you can purchase, packaged candy including gummies and lollipops.  They also have a variety of popcorn, cotton candy and pretzels.  My favorite items to purchase to bring home with me are the gummies and the chocolate covered pretzels.  Those two types of sweets my entire family enjoys for that works for us!  It I also nice to have the little reminder of your trip when you are back at home and open that special container or Disney bag of treats.

Sweets and Treats Vanellope