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By Pixie Hollow Diva

Disney World Must Try Treats

One of the best things about going away is trying new foods!  I love getting things that I can only get at certain places like Disney World!  When going to Disney World there are several foods that I feel you must try, even if it is just one time!  Every place has their signature items.  Some places have signature drinks. For someone like me, I have a variety of must tries.   I have included some of my favorite drinks and food items and I hope you try them out!

I LOVE coffee.  I love trying coffee whenever I go someplace, especially on vacation.  Kona coffee is a must try if you are a coffee lover.  Pure Kona coffee from Hawaii is expensive but absolutely worth it!  It is a smoothest tasting coffee you will ever have.  A cup of it will run you around $4.50.  If you are interested in it, you can only purchase it by the cup at Kona Island.  Kona Island is located upstairs inside the Polynesian, right outside the monorail entrance.  You can also get it at the restaurant which is next door to Kona Island called the Kona Café.

Also at Kona Island you can find great sushi.  If you enjoy sushi this is a great place for that!  The sushi is fresh and the prices are very reasonable.  You can order sushi from both their lunch and dinner menu.  Prices stay around the same for lunch or dinner,  The sushi prices range from around $12.00-$16.00.

Dole Whips are always talked about!  Some people love them, some feel they are overrated.  I have tried it once.  It is pineapple soft serve ice cream, which you can also get swirled with vanilla.  My preference is the swirl.  If you like pineapple, this is a tasty treat!   The Dole Whip also can be ordered as a float.   You can grab one of these tasty treats either outside the Grand Ceremonial house at Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian Resort or at Aloha Isle located in Adventureland inside Magic Kingdom Park.  This frozen treat will run you around $4.49.

Disney World Must Try Treats

As an adult, it is nice to enjoy an alcoholic drink while on a nice vacation.  My one favorite drink of all time is the Grand Marnier Orange Slush in Epcot’s French Pavilion.  This little beauty is located at its own little slush stand at the French Pavilion located along the water.  This drink is the smoothest slush I have ever tasted.  The perfect amount of alcohol is added to this drink and it is totally worth the $10.00 price!

Who doesn’t like a good hot dog?  The hot dog is an all American staple.  Try a hot dog from Casey’s Corner!  Casey’s is located right on Main Street inside Magic Kingdom.    You are probably thinking, “OK how can a hot dog really be that good?”  It could be because you are inside Disney and everything tastes better there!  You can grab a simple hot dog meal which includes fries for $8.99 which sounds good to me.

Disney World Must Try Treats

One famous food item which I am sure you have heard of is the smoked turkey leg!  Many people wonder, Is it really that good?  It’s a smoked turkey leg and a filling snack, how can you go wrong?  I have tried it once. I enjoyed the flavor and it was a nice filling snack to hold me until my next meal.  Some people feel the turkey leg is overrated, but you should try it!  You can find them throughout all four theme parks.  The price is about $11.75 for one, which can be shared by more than one person!

Disney World Must Try Treats

Photo Courtesy Of Pixie Dusted Diva

While on vacation, go for it and try new things!  Try things you might never think you would like!  You never know what your new favorite food can be!  If you make several trips to Disney World, it is nice to have something else to look forward to on your trip.

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