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Author: Disney Diva

I know, I know, you don’t WANT to do laundry at Walt Disney World. And quite honestly this last trip was the first time I’ve ever done it, but it wasn’t that bad.

We started flying Allegiant Air out of Chattanooga which is just insanely cheap, but if you start adding on bags it gets insane. For us to have a full week of clothing PLUS our souvenirs for my family of four we would have to check at least one bag. And since it is $35.00 EACH WAY laundry and carry on makes a lot more sense, considering I spent a whopping $7.00 on laundry. (That’s a $63.00 savings for those of you paying attention still)

We decided to do our laundry on our third day, during our mid-day break. We took the first hour and went down to the pool at Port Orleans French Quarter, and, like most Disney Resorts, the laundry room is right next to the pool, so we brought laundry down with us.

Once I got the kids settled I brought our laundry over to the laundry room to get it started.

You will have to have your guestroom key to get into the facility so don’t forget that or you’ll get really cranky!

Once you get in the room it looks just like a typical laundry mat, complete with folding table.

There is a change machine that will get you quarters from $1 or $5 bills because, like most industrial washers and dryers they require quarters to run.

IMG_0824You can also buy soap , bleach, and softeners. Some people bring them with them, but honestly they are so cheap there’s really no need! But I guess if you have something portable then that’s up to you. Each soap box or dryer softener is only $1.00 per box. I was going on the cheap, so I just bought a box of Wisk.

Ok, so one box of soap does one load of laundry and I only had one load. One load in the washer is $2.00.

The bins are not really all that big. So depending on how much you’ve worn you might need two or three washers. Still its going to be less than flight baggage fees for sure.

So got the washer started, looked at my watch, and headed back to the pool to swim. When 30 minutes was up I walked back across the pool deck to the laundry room, and moved the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

The dryer is also $2.00 per load. Now, here’s the honest risk. Your dryer might not get your clothes as dry as you want them , ESPECIALLY, if you cram too much into one load of the washer. So you might need to run them twice OR, like I did, divide mine between two dryers. So really I spent $4.00 here.
Here’s another thing. It did NOT take 30 minutes to dry my clothes, it took 60 minutes! I came back at 30 minutes, realized it was going to run longer, and so I walked my kids up to the room with my husband and had them go down for their nap, then I returned and sat their frustrated for another 20 minutes because I had no idea how long it was going to take.
Then there was the folding table to keep me comfy and I talked to some of the women in there about their Disney vacations so far.

So, really, what an hour and forty-five minutes? And really I only spent about 20 of those minutes dealing with laundry directly AND I SAVED $63.00 in baggage fees! I think its worth it! Just something to think about!!