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By Budget Diva

My family of 5 loves going to Disney World each year. We live on a budget throughout the year and we save money where we can with coupons and various other methods. We do this so that we can afford to take a nice vacation each year to Disney World. A lot of people think that a Disney vacation is out of their price range, that they could not afford to go, etc. but let me tell you, chances are YOU can afford to go too!

We set a budget at the beginning of each year for our family of 5. The budget is for the month and includes every bill that we receive (power, water, mortgage, car payment, insurance, cable, cell, etc.) and then our grocery budget and ‘extra’. The ‘extra’ category includes miscellaneous purchases such as clothing, medical co-pay’s, birthdays, etc. The grocery budget is done on a weekly basis. We have X amount of money to spend each week and once we spend it then we are done. I think it is best to set a budget based on your families needs. We also include diapers in the grocery budget. I always use coupons, as this is another great way to save money. Once you determine your families budget for each month you will see that more than likely you have extra money leftover each month. Instead of continuing to shop and spend this money, I recommend you transfer it to a savings account or a “Disney” savings fund. For 6 months or more prior to you Disney vacation I recommend that you DO NOT overspend each month, stick to the budget, even cut out bill’s that you may not ‘need’.

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