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Author: Aspiring diva

The Disney movie, Mary Poppins, came out the year I was born (now you know how old I am!). My mother loved the original P.L. Travers books, so its no wonder that when I was old enough to go to the movies, this is the first movie I ever saw. (We didn’t have blu-ray in the dark ages, you know.)

So, with a tip of my hat to one of Burt’s odd jobs, my daughter and I made a series of sidewalk drawings to count down an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. It was an impulse project so we used dry chalk. If you plan on doing this, soak your chalk ahead of time for a few hours. You’ll get lovely, vibrant colors that will last – and no dust!

We started by numbering the squares on our front walk.

I drew the outlines for some of our favorite Characters.

My daughter helped to color them in.

I started with Pluto – my favorite!

Cinderella Castle got a colorful makeover courtesy of my daughter.

We finished (as all good days at Disney do) with fireworks.

We had a great time playing count down to Disney games!

Now, if only we could jump into the Castle picture like Burt & Mary did – we’d already be at Walt Disney World!

For easier ways to count down the days until your next Disney vacation see I Phone App Days to Go and Disney Trip Countdown Widget.