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By Soarin’ Diva

There are lots of fun things to do at Walt Disney World and a plethora of incredible food to eat while vacationing. There are so many adventures to be a part of while in the Disney bubble, it’s hard to imagine that I could come up with a list of things you won’t see me doing while at Disney Parks. Yet, here we are, me presenting you with my list. Let’s jump right into it.

          1. Eating one of those famous turkey legs. I’ve said this so many times before, but the smell of those turkey legs turns my stomach. When I see guests walking around, devouring one of those humongous turkey legs, the scent wafting over to me like a disgusting scented Missle headed my way, I can’t fathom what would drive them to partake in something so nauseating. In all the years we have been going to Walt Disney World, I have yet to have the desire to taste one, and I never will.

Three beignets and a medal from the Port Orleans French Quarter Beignet Dash

(Photo credit: Tinker Bell Diva

          2. Eating Disney’s beignets. I know, I know, they are apparently the greatest thing to ever behold according to 98% of Disney guests, my husband included. People stand in line at Port Orleans French Quarters Scat Cat’s Club awaiting the glorious beignets that they are so famous for. I’m happy they have found a treat to love so much, but I just don’t understand it.  To me they are glorified, air-filled doughnuts covered in powdered sugar. I could get something better at my local grocery store, but that’s just my humble opinion.

Cast Members make everything magical

          3. Being rude to Disney Cast Members. I don’t understand the mindset of some guests. They walk in thinking they must be better than every other park guest because of the amount they spent on their vacation, and think this gives them the right to be rude and snarky to Cast Members if everything doesn’t go exactly as they think it should. First of all, regardless of which resort a guest is staying at, Disney is expensive. Every single person there spent a lot of money to be there, not just you. Secondly, contrary to popular belief, Cast Members aren’t there to tell you “Yes” to every ridiculous request you have. They try to make your vacation as magical as they can, but some things simply can’t be done. Yes, some things may go wrong on your vacation, but the way to get it fixed is NOT to yell and scream at a Cast Member. Try to remember that they are human and can only do so much, treat them with respect and kindness.

Trash cans are everywhere at Disney

          4. Littering. Oh my word, the people I have seen leaving trash wherever they want. It’s disgusting behavior. My husband and I watched a man leave his empty water bottle on a rail in line for Big Thunder Mountain one time and my husband made sure to say something loud enough for the person to hear. You wouldn’t want someone leaving trash in your yard, why leave it all over the parks? There are literally trash cans every few feet, stop being lazy, and do your part!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

          5. Cheating the system. I’m a huge rule follower. I can’t help it, it’s how I was raised. When I see others doing various things to cheat the system, it genuinely angers me. I’ve seen people sneak into Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for free. I’ve seen people jump ahead of others in the line. I’ve seen people sneak into the Fastpass line when they don’t have a Fastpass (not all Fastpass lines have a second magic band scan at the end).  I’ve seen people charge others money to link their accounts together and make fast passes for them at 60 days out when the person paying isn’t staying on Disney property. Thankfully, this last glitch that people used to cheat the system has been fixed. There are so many ways to cheat the system and there will always be people who think there is nothing wrong with cheating the system, unfortunately. All I can do is be honest and follow the rules and secretly hope the cheaters get caught.

          6. Get political. Guys. I am so sick of seeing politics everywhere I go. Walt Disney World is the one place where I don’t have to see anything political and it’s absolutely glorious! The most political I get there is heading into Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents to enjoy the cool air, comfy seats, and watch the history of our presidents. The best part is, there’s no one trying to get my vote in there. There’s no CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or any other news station trying to sway my opinion to match theirs. There’s no one spouting lies of fake promises. There’s just really cool animatronics, a lot of history and some wonderful air conditioning.

So there it is my list of six things you won’t see me do at Disney Parks. Are there any foods you refuse to eat at Disney? Rides you refuse to go on? I would love to know about the things you refuse to do at Disney, feel free to comment!

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