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Today we are picking up where we left off yesterday with Snacks at the Magic Kingdom. We’ve looked at some of the top snacks in Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Square. Today we’re moving clockwise to Fantasyland, Toontown, Tomorrowland & the back down Main Street.If I’m missing anything you really love PLEASE add it to the comments section.

~***~ FANTASYLAND ~***~

1). Strawberry Swirl @ Enchanted Grove

Remember when I gushed about the Dole Whip (as if you could forget), well…. almost as good is the Strawberry Swirl in the Enchanted Grove. (There is also a Citrus swirl in Adventureland). It is a vanilla soft-serve made swirled with strawberry sherbet for $3.09. Yummers! You can also find slush drinks and different coffees at Enchanted Grove.

2) Fudge Brownie Sundae or Strawberry Shortcake Sundae from Mrs. Potts.

Ice cream Sundaes are the name of the game at Mrs. Potts. Here you can get:

Fudge Brownie Sundae – fudge brownie topped with your choice of chocolate, vanilla or swirl soft serve, hot fudge or caramel topping and whipped cream $3.99

Strawberry Shortcake Sundae – shortcake topped with vanilla soft serve and strawberry topping $3.99

Sundae – chocolate, vanilla or swirl soft serve with hot fudge, strawberry or caramel topping and whipped cream $3.79

Float – chocolate, vanilla or swirl soft serve served with Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite or Barq’s root beer $3.69

or just a good ole’ Chocolate or Vanilla Milkshake – $3.69


#6. Fruit Smoothies @ Auntie Gravity’s
I have to give MAD PROPS to Auntie Gravity’s. While we were at the Halloween Party this past October we had to wait for a long time for some ice cream. So they ended up just GIVING us 3 cups full of it. Baby, that’s what you call customer service 🙂
They also have yummy smoothies for $3.99 which all include no-fat yogurt. Healthy and filling, cant beat that!
#7. Spicy Cheese Pretzel
The Lunching Pad has more goodies for you including the yummy spicy cheese pretzel (#3.79).
They also have those turkey legs, cream cheese pretzels and frozen drinks.
You can also grab Carrot and Celery Sticks with Ranch Dip $3.69,
Apple Crunch Pack $1.29 & a
Banana $0.99
~***~ MAIN STREET~***~


#8. Rocky Road Brownies & Rice Krispy Treats
You can find all kinds of Sandwiches & Sweets @ Main Street Bakery. There is also a candy shop to even more tasties.
Examples of goodies at Main Street are:
Cheesecake (plain or with strawberries), Snickers cheesecake, Fruit tart, Tomato Buffalo Mozzarella Sandwich with Basil, Dirt & worms, Chocolate mousse cake, Napoleon, Chocolate and chocolate chip muffin, Chocolate Mickey Bundt cake (chocolate or yellow), Blueberry bread loaf, Bear claw, Cookies, Rocky Road brownies, Crumb cake, Carrot cake, Apple Charlotte, Apple turnover, Cupcake, Macaroon, Cinnamon muffin, Banana nut bread, Cinnamon roll, Warm banana bread pudding, & Rice Krispie treats.
Excuse me for a second while I put my tongue back in my mouth.
So there you have it…. the top snacks at WDW! 🙂