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                     Article, pictures and video by FloridaDiva       
I had often wondered what was inside the large dome that is the iconic symbol of Epcot, but I’d never had the patience to stand in line to find out. So, on a sunny morning in May, my companion insisted we ride, especially when he heard I’d never been before. 

I have to admit I was amazed at how quickly we were on and we slipped into our designated car where I was encouraged to smile for the camera as our car tilted back and began to assend into the darkness. Soon I was enveloped in the sound of Judy Dench’s voice as she eloquently began to lecture on the history of civilization on our planet and how communication has developed over the years. She explained how it enabled us to question the world around us and search for answers about how things came to be. She explained how communication made trade and commerce possible and how without it, the technology that we rely on today would not exist. 

We climbed slowly through the tableau of history until eventually we were in space, at the top of the dome, inside the 11324 triangles that make it up. The stars shone all around us and in the distance we could see earth in all its green and blue majesty. As we tipped back and began our descent a video asked us to answer a few questions about our preferences and soon the touch screen displayed a little animated rendition of what my future on earth might look like. 

Overall this slow and gentle ride was quite enjoyable and the narration provided was spot on; as they’d say in Judy’s homeland. Spaceship Earth is suitable for all ages, and it’s a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about the world they live in. This ride is wheelchair accessible and has no height restrictions.