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Author: Diva Mommy

Climb aboard the dragon headed boats and get ready to experience Norway in Epcot’s World Showcase! This 5 minute boat ride will start off in a 10th century viking village, then it continues into a Norwegian Fjord where your sure to see a few trolls and maybe even a polar bear along the way. (Warning: This part has been known to scare some young ones).

Then your taken into the North Sea, the only way to get there however is a thrilling backwards fall down the waterfall!!

After the storm calms in the North Sea you arrive safely in quaint Norwegian harbor as you disembark the ride.

You are then invited to watch a 5 minute movie about the beauty of Norway today. We always stay for the movie it’s a wonderful way to wrap up the ride and really appreciate Norway and all its beauty.

If you do want to skip the movie, however, you may continue on through the theater.

My advice? Be brave like a viking and go conquer Maelstrom!!

Fast Pass is available (however we would NOT recommend you’d burn a fast pass on Maelstrom unless you’re not planning on going back to Soarin’ and Test Track).

Guests must transfer from their wheelchairs, motorized scooters, or EVC to board this ride.

Height Requirement- none

Scream Factor- 3 (especially for young ones around the trolls and the drop)

Some hidden Mickeys are on this ride. Look in the mural on the wall of the loading are, check out the viking on the ship wearing Mickey ears!

Maelstrom is located in the Norway pavilion at Epcot