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by Disney Magic Diva

Star Wars Day at Home: May the Magic be with YouHappy Star Wars Day!!  May the Fourth be with You!  As much as we’d all like to be flying the Millennium Falcon across the galaxy, we’re grounded at home, longing for the time when we can once again gather at Oga’s Cantina on Black Spire Outpost and share tales of our Star Wars story.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun and partake in the celebration of Star Wars Day!  Here are some easy, quick ways you can show your alliance with either the Empire or the Resistance.

Lightsaber Battles

What better or more iconic way to live your Star Wars Story than with a lightsaber battle?  And whether you’ve visited Savi’s Workshop to build your own lightsaber, or improvise one at home, it’s sure to be fun!  (If you have always wondered about Savi’s, my son highly recommends it!)

One of my favorite lightsabers, especially for young Padawans, is a pool noodle!  For the littlest Jedi, I cut the noodle in half or even thirds.  Whatever length seems reasonable (and safe!) for them to handle.  Then, if you want to make sure the Force is strong with them, wrap some duct tape around the end to create the look of a hilt (aka handle).Star Wars Day at Home: May the Magic be with You

Once everyone has their lightsaber, let the battle begin!  It’s a great outdoor activity.  Or, if the weather isn’t conducive to being outside, clear some space inside and recreate your favorite battle scene.

Movie Binge

Since we all have lots of time right now, why not binge watch the Star Wars movies? In case you haven’t heard, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is available starting today on Disney+!   Watch all the films or just your favorites. Challenge your family to find new details.  Or maybe randomly pause the show and make everyone guess what the next line of dialog will be.

If you have Disney+ you could spend the day with everyone’s favorite little green friend – Baby Yoda!  This is the way, after all. And we all need some cuteness these days.

And even better, The Clone Wars series finale will air on Disney+ on May 4th.  Almost certain to be one of the major events of Star Wars Day, this final episode will wrap up a major arc called The Siege of Mandalore and has been something Star Wars fans have been wanting for about 5 years. If you’re not familiar with the series, this seems like a perfect time to start watching!

Star Wars Snacks

While you’re binge watching Star Wars movies, you’ll likely want to snack on something.  Why not make it a Star Wars themed snack?  Pinterest is filled with options, but here are a few quick ideas:

Light sabers are not only a favored weapon – they also make delicious snacks!  Fruit kabobs or pretzel sticks can easily be re-imagined as light sabers.  At a Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party  a few years ago, we had light saber kabobs with cheese cubes and olives.

If you have a sweet tooth, whip up your favorite sugar cookie recipe and use some Star Wars themed cookie cutters to create Star Wars cookies.  An even easier option is to use those cookie cutters to make Star Wars Rice Krispie Treats.

Star Wars Day at Home: May the Magic be with YouWant to show your support for the Resistance?  You can make a tiefighter s’more!  Melt a little chocolate and dab a teaspoon or so on a graham cracker square.  Place a marshmallow on top of the melted chocolate, then top with another graham cracker dabbed with chocolate.

And if you have little or no baking skills, try some Edible Ewoks. (They look amazingly like teddy grahams and/or gummi bears!)

Dress Up!

Many fans enjoy Disney bounding when in the parks, and visitors to Galaxy’s Edge are no different.  Even though we can’t actually be on Batuu, we CAN enjoy dressing up as our favorite Star Wars characters. Imagine how fun it would be to have your family dress up, then take a casual stroll through your neighborhood.  It would surely bring smiles to everyone at a time we could all use a distraction.  If you need inspiration, you can easily find many ideas with a quick search on Pinterest.


Since we’ve been housebound, we’ve all had to find new ways to keep kids entertained.  One activity we recently tried was painting the glass on our windows and doors.  The kids loved it!  You could paint your favorite scenes from the movies, or you could paint some famous characters.  How cool would it be to have the Death Star on your front door?  Or BB-8 rolling by your living room window?  Use your imagination!

Diva Tip: We used Crayola Washable Kids Paint with just a drop of dishwashing liquid.  The colors turned out pretty vibrant, and it was super easy to wash up.

If you don’t want to decorate your windows or doors, how about the windows on your car?  You could use washable paints or window markers.  Then you’ll be sharing the Star Wars spirit with your entire community!

Jedi Training

Many younglings enjoy participating in Jedi Training when at a Disney Park.  Have you ever held your own version at home?  Teach them the ways of the Force.  Jedi are disciplined.  Set the timer and have them remain still. Or better yet, silent.  Jedi are balanced.  See if they can balance on one foot.  Jedi are agile.  Create an obstacle course. There are all kinds of ways you can keep the kids busy with Jedi Training AND give yourself a little break for a few minutes!

I’m sure you’ll think of many more ways to celebrate Star Wars Day. (The best way may be to plan your next trip to Batuu!  Contact Patricia at All for Dreams Travel to book your visit!)

I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.  Until we can be together again enjoying a drink at Oga’s Catina, may the Force be with you!

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