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By D’land Diva

The Storybook Land Canal Boats ride begins when your boat travels through the mouth of Monstro the whale (from Pinnochio). If this sounds a little intimidating, let me assure you, this is a little ride that even the youngest member of your group will enjoy. The boats are a smooth water ride that take you through miniature replications of villages from your favorite Disney tales.

Each boats holds twelve guests and is narrated by a friendly and knowledgeable cast member. The boats coast by the tiny recreations of Cinderella’s castle, Alice in Wonderland’s English village, and King Triton’s underwater castle and much more. The slow nature of the ride makes it easy for guests to take in the amazing details of the homes and delicate trees.

The ride is 6 minutes long, which is terrific for the younger members of your party. Guests in wheelchairs and electronic vehicles must transfer into the boats, but as always, there will be assistance. It is also possible to get audio assistance with this ride and in fact, sign language interpretation is available during some boat rides. Check at Guest Services for details on this.

The average wait time for this ride is around 20 minutes. After parade times and in the morning, the lines may be longer.

Finally, let me offer this Diva Tip: During the parade times, this ride shuts down. 

Enjoy your ride through Storybook Land!