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The Walt Disney World Resort has become something of a “foodie” destination; indeed, there are entire blog sites and social media groups devoted just to dining at Disney. The reality, however, is that not everyone can afford to eat all their meals at table service restaurants. Some folks just don’t want to spend time at a sit-down meal during their vacation. And if you are heading on a last-minute trip to Disney, you might not even be able to get a reservation at the restaurant of your choice. So here are a few places at Walt Disney World where you can get restaurant dishes without the reservations (and, in many cases, for less money than their

table service counterparts).Table Service “Twins”: Where to find Table Service Dishes Without Having to Break the Bank or Make Reservations

Place: Captain Cooks, Polynesian Resort

What You Can Get: Tonga Toast

This iconic breakfast dish is a favorite among diners at the Polynesian Resort’s Kona Café. It’s described as “Banana-stuffed French Toast rolled in Cinnamon Sugar and served with a Strawberry Compote and your choice of Ham, Spiced Ham, Bacon, or Sausage” and it will run you $16.00 at the restaurant. But did you realize that you can go to the counter service restaurant Captain Cooks downstairs in the same resort, and order Tonga Toast for a mere $8? No, it doesn’t come with the strawberry compote, but otherwise it’s the exact

Table Service “Twins”: Where to find Table Service Dishes Without Having to Break the Bank or Make Reservations

This yummy dish from Captain Cook’s is huge and very rich.



same dish. It’s huge, and my daughter and I were easily able to split it (we substituted a side of breakfast potatoes for the meat).

Place: Yorkshire County Fish Shop, Epcot

What You Can Get: Fish and Chips

Sure, you can dine at the lovely Rose & Crown Pub in England at Epcot and partake of the signature Fish and Chips, but these beer-battered pieces of fish will cost you $23.00. A quicker, and less expensive, option is to go to the Yorkshire County Fish Shop just to the right of the pub entrance where you can get two pieces of the same fish and chips for $11.49.

Table Service Twins

Somehow this pizza window is not listed on Disney’s site, but here is a picture of their menu (Photo courtesy Soarin’ Diva)

Place: Pizza al Taglio, Epcot

What You Can Get: Pizza by the Slice

The pizza at via Napoli in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion is arguably the best on property. Not only were the pizza ovens brought over from Italy, but the restaurant also imports the flour, tomatoes, and water. I love the thin crust, and the authentic wood-burning oven taste. But if you don’t want to make reservations and fork over $29 for a large Pizza Margherita ($18 for the 10″ individual one), you can go over to the Pizza al Taglio window just outside the restaurant and pay $6.75 for a slice of Margharita pizza and $7.75 for a slice of pepperoni.

Place: Yak and Yeti Local Café, Animal Kingdom

What You Can Get: Fried Rice, Pork Egg Rolls

Table Service “Twins”: Where to find Table Service Dishes Without Having to Break the Bank or Make Reservations

The Yak and Yeti Local Cafe is located just outside the Yak and Yeti Restaurant. Photo courtesy Devo CabDisney

Over at Animal Kingdom, you could eat at the Yak and Yeti Restaurant and order Pork Egg Rolls for $9.99 and House Fried Rice for $11.99 or Chicken Fried Rice for $7.99. Or you could go to the counter service Yak and Yeti Local Café located just outside the restaurant and order two Pork Egg Rolls for $6.50 or Chicken Fried Rice for $5.99.

Table Service “Twins”: Where to find Table Service Dishes Without Having to Break the Bank or Make Reservations

Cookes of Dublin at Disney Springs

Place: Cookes of Dublin, Disney Springs

What You Can Get: Fish and Chips, Onion Rings

Now, I really do love Raglan Road and the live entertainment they feature there. But there are times when I’d just as soon grab a tasty, but less expensive bite to eat. You can go to the quick service Cookes of Dublin just next door to Raglan Road and order the same Fish and Chips except they’ll cost $11.95 instead of the $22.00 they charge you at the restaurant. The beer-battered Onion Rings that cost $8 inside cost $6 at Cookes. The Crushed Garden Peas (mushy peas in the UK) are only $4.50 outside while they’re $8 in the pub. A bonus is you can sit outside and order a drink from the Hole in the Wall bar and possibly hear some live music.

Place: Brown Derby Lounge, Hollywood Studios

What You Can Get: Our Famous Cobb Salad

Table Service “Twins”: Where to find Table Service Dishes Without Having to Break the Bank or Make Reservations

The Cobb Salad at the Brown Derby Lounge makes for a light, and affordable, dinner.

The Brown Derby is a signature restaurant with a fabulous menu. But, if you don’t mind sitting outside at their Lounge, you can enjoy their Cobb Salad, which is $18 inside, but only costs $11 on the bar menu. Yes, it’s a slightly smaller portion, but quite filling and of excellent quality – we’ve eaten it for dinner several times because Hollywood Studios doesn’t have many good counter service options. The lounge isn’t exactly a quick service restaurant, but you don’t need to make reservations. We’ve only had to wait a handful of times for a table. We’ve brought our kids along, too! A bonus is that you can enjoy your salad and one of their famous cocktails and have a (slightly obstructed) ringside seat for Galactic Spectacular.

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