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Author: Canadian Diva

Ross Gellar, the lovable paleontologist on the TV show “Friends”, would be in heaven if he was a boy at the Boneyard in Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World located in Dinoland U.S.A. My little girl felt like a little explorer in this jungle of a fossil gym!

An archaeological maze, this cornered off playground is a haven for young adventurers and a place for adults to rest from the humid and hot weather Walt Disney World is famous for. Children love to run around and parents love to relax. Its great for everybody. My daughter even made some friends while being a discoverer of hidden prehistoric treasures in here.

The only problem I could foresee if if your child gets “stuck” way up high. Luckily there are usually many older kids climbing around who will help a little one, so as long as you feel confident in your child’s climbing ability you’re set for a good 30 minutes to an hour of relaxation easily!

Another issue, is the sandy boneyard where they dig so be prepared to dust off your little adventurers when they leave. It’s also easy to get too in the moment of relaxation and realize, you need to find your child. There is only one entrance and exit, the Cast Members are great about monitoring children leaving the yard without parents, however parents, please keep an eye on your darlings!!

There are no height restrictions for this attraction.

The official policy is that guests may remain in their wheelchairs, but I would imagine it would be difficult.

There shouldn’t be any motion sickness issues, as the child moves at their own pace.

Your children will really “Dig it””

Diva Scream Factor is a 0 out of 5

Fossil Haven for your Children…. can you guess which Pre-Historic Animal this could be??